Thursday 29 October 2015

9 Ball–Wed Round 2 Oct 28 2015

All Matches completed as scheduled, Pictured, are Wednesday standings with the round results and next round information 
You can also Download the tracking sheet for more detail.

Matches played count in determining ladder position. Forfeits are not credited. Deferred matches are not credited until played. A BYE is considered played

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Mixed Mon - Round 2 Oct 26 2015

All Matches were completed as scheduled, Rewind Forfeited against The Dubliner.
Pictured are Monday standings with this round results and the next round information Download detail in a spreadsheet

Monday 26 October 2015

Bar Closures Midnight Tonight

We have received feedback  on a statements issued by Thonglor, and Lumpini Police, enforcing closures of bars from tonight at midnight,27th October 2015, until tomorrow night at midnight.

This is to mark the end of the Buddhist Lent and is a new closure invoked for the first time this year. Fortunately most, if not all, league Matches will be finished by then.

Here is a link to some information about it.  The original source is not verified however some bar owners have already been told by police to stop alcohol sales at midnight tonight.

Thursday 22 October 2015

9 Ball Round 1 Oct 21 2015

Results for the week

The Winter 2016 9 Ball Competition got right into full swing this week. A great start with just the Rewind vs. Moonshine match is still pending. Pictured, are Wednesday standings with the round results and next round information 
You can also Download the tracking sheet for more detail.

Just a bit about the scoring

There has been some open discussion about simplifying the two tier ladder scoring, It was decided however to leave it unchanged, at least for this season.
In a 9 Ball match the first to win 19 games gets the match point. The second tier accumulates games won for all rounds to date as a % age to determine a clear ladder position. This basically sub-ranks teams with the same accumulated match points.
So don't think it is just about winning matches. As we saw last year, the race is not always about being the leader but it also fostered great camaraderie for the races within the rankings. And even if you lose on a night, don't toss in the towel; Good percentages on loss nights might make the difference for not only the ball in hand but a trophy too.

The New Tracking Sheet

Unlike the previous scroll down toilet paper style tracking sheet, we are trialling one formatted to let each team see on a line across the page, their results and their schedule for the rest of the season.
Yes it is a bit small, but unlike pool in our bars where touching is treated as a foul, a pinch out for a bigger display on your smart phone or CTRL ++ on a PC is a remedy for those of us who are starting to find it hard to see the ball.
Sorry about all the colours, It just seems it could be a good way to not only save the forests but have a “see at a glance perspective” with detail as well. We will give it a try and see how it pans out?


We also want to try to make communication simpler for captains. So please send this on to your team, friends and followers If they subscribe for updates at they will getp the scores and other league news directly in their inbox as we post them.
imageIt is Opt-In / Opt-out anytime, non-span system and we do not share subscribers emails with anyone, not even sponsor bars 
Another good way to get our news is to friend us on Facebook.  where we post other social happenings and information too. We are working on that to have results automatically posted there too. 

Promoting Our Good Luck

Here is a flyer that Bars and local Businesses have started posting to promote the enjoyment we all get in our community and let new players know we are about. If you want one or know someone who may like to promote us and don't have a colour printer just let us know.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Mixed Mon - Round 1 Oct 19 2015

The season kicked of to a great start this week all matches completed. New and old teams were in high spirits to make it more fun. A big welcome back to Rewind (Formerly 8 Plus), Hangout and SADS (a Sports Academy team) who have returned to enrich our mix.

Pictured are Monday standings with this round results and the next round information Download detail in a spreadsheet

Thursday 15 October 2015

Winter 2016 - Schedules and Forms

Schedules >>Winter 2016 <<

As presented at to Captains Oct 14th 2015, the Winter 2016 Schedules are Online or can be download here. Please note the changes since include SADS and Rewind (formerly 8 plus)

Each team is on a single line with opponents for the season across the page


Mon Mixed

22 Rounds

Oct 19th, 2015   –  Apr 4, 2016
  Wed 9 Ball 22 Rounds Oct 19th, 2015   –  Apr 4, 2016
Any Updates needed, will be done online and advice on that will be sent via the blog email communication. For your reference, prior year schedules are retained in the links now moved down this page.
Scoring templates are now  available Online . Use of these is NOT mandated.
Captains can use the Link above to download a Spread sheet based templates to assist their match planning and scoring. The link is to one spread sheet, with 2 tabs for Mixed and 9 Ball formats
In the example below for 9 Ball Template allows you to fill in all the names but just home team result, being 0 for a loss and 1 for a win to then calculate the visitor result and the running scores.
Ongoing improvements will be based on feedback, such as calculating player stats, e.g games played  won & lost etc.
If you want to have then available for your team to update and store your results directly on the web with say restricted access etc., please contact Gordon. 



Summer 2015

Mon Mixed

14 Rounds

Dubliner October 9th 2015
May 11th, 2015 –  Sep 21, 2015
  Wed 9 Ball 18 Rounds May 27th, 2015  –  Sep 23, 2015

     Winter 2015

Mon Mixed

18 Rounds
Crazy Hot / Pickled Liver May 21

Nov 10th, 2014  –  March 23rd, 2015
  Wed 9 Ball  22 Rounds Nov 10th, 2014  –  April 28th, 2015

Monday 12 October 2015

Important Date Reminder

Just a Reminder that this Wednesday October 14th, is the Mixed Monday and Wednesday 9 Ball captain's meeting, starting 8pm at Breakers. 
All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Important Date Reminder

Just a Reminder that this Friday October 9th, is the after Season Party and Trophy's Presentation for Mixed Monday and Wednesday 9 Ball, starting 8pm at The Dubliner.
Please inform all of your players.

Thursday 1 October 2015

All Wed 9 Ball Regular Season Matches have been played

All Wednesday matches have now been completed as scheduled and the standings are final. .
To Download The detail in Spreadsheet click this Results Link
We have shown more decimal points in % Won games.  In fact a floating decimal drives the standing rank.