Saturday 22 December 2018

Challenge Season 2018 Final Team Positions

SSPL Challenge Season 2018 - Final Team Positions 

Not much more can be said about the fact that we had such a wonderful season socially where everyone was a winner. 

Here are our Top Place Winners. We will now look forward presenting them with their Trophy, yes all of us at, our End of Season Presentation Party. That will be on Feb 25 2019 at Country Road on Soi 4.

Monday Red Mixed


Monday Blue Mixed 

-->Monday Gold 8 Ball 

Wednesday Red 9 Ball 


Wednsday Blue 9 Ball 


Here is all teams in the final order after the 14 rounds.

Monday Ladders (3 competitons)     

Wednesday Ladder  (2 competitons)

Match results for Round 14

Cup Draw 

The CUP will start on Kan J4 and run for 5 week till Feb 13 At Keep in Touch on Thursday Dec 18.

Jack from Hideaway and Anna from The Cool Bar & Sportsman did the draw for us as a social event for those of us who made it and got their picure taken (top) We all really enjoyed Apple and her team hospitality, as did others who had left by then too.

Here is the draw:

 Merry Xmas Everyone !!! 

on behalf all our Hosts, Sponsors, 

The League Committtee, All Players and me. 

(I promise to buy a spell checker next season.)

In Bangkok for Xmas go and enjoy traditional Xmas fare. 
Our sponsor venues have made arrangments for us.  Here are some choices.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Round 13 Catchups and SSPL 2018 Challenge Season Results going into Final Round

Yes the results are out and on time too as everyone did their job.
But first a word from our sponsors 

 Merry Xmas Everyone !!! 

Many of us will be around Bangkok for Xmas to enjoy traditional Xmas fare. So a few of our sponsor venues have made arrangments for us.  Here are some choices.

Team positions 

After the catchups and round 13 meant we have great news. A perfect score with all teams qualifed to go into the final round. 

Monday Red Mixed. This week saw Flyers came from behind to jump into first place With 2 catchup games they caught out the top titans who were not watching the field.  Now to pick the trifecta even for the choclates you might find it tough to get a bookie.   

Monday Blue Mixed This comp has the real battle being played it for second place as Sport Corner already have the fruit. Ice Mates need to hold on to keep their 2nd place in case Hangout win, if they dont and Mates Ice will melt. With Keep in Touch already past the post, calling a qui·nel·la is and even money bet.

Monday Gold 8 Ball This one is a classic. While waiting to pick up the tropy Alco's are already in the members bar with Pickled Liver drinking pina colada as they watch the race for 3rd as the final Moonshine and Breakers Fun matches get play out.  

Wednesday Red 9 Ball This is the same story as the mixed. Seems like everyone worked out the scoring that you try to win everything. Lucky Shot is well clear in the breeze by 2 matches. But Hustlers United's win this week got inot 2nd place and are now ahead by 1 match but still marginal on games/  Darkside in 3rd place will be hoping to advance a match next week as they prey for a United upset so they can change places on games won.  

Wednsday Blue 9 Ball This is is a doosy. For those who placed a bet on Turblence last round you would have got very good odds. The quinella with Keep in touch was the long odds go for high rollers. But now the bookies want to lay that off with Turblence getting inot 2nd place as it seems from nowhere. SDnt you love catchups to keep it fresh. Even so they are not safe as Crazy Breakers can beat them and did last round Then if SOS near Mexican they would recover 2nd place. Mind you, if Mexican and Crazy Breakers do win it will still be miracle on games to change the order. But lets wait and see, as they say this is 9 Ball.

Monday Ladder - Going into final Round 14 

 Wednesday Ladder - Going into final Round 14 

Match results for Round 13