Saturday 28 April 2018

Round 6 Summer 2018 Results

Round 6 match results . Please check your results. Moderation's unfortunate circumstances meant it had to defer. The Club 15 vs Hot Shots match, which was played earlier in the season. The rest of the matches as scheduled were played.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Round 5 Summer 2018 Results

This week saw remaining Round 5 matches played along with some catch ups. The feedback was that matches were great fun around the Songkran ritual to wash away the sins of the prior year. Hmmm!!

Adding to results reporting are new columns for current round scores and next matches, similar to last season, but now almost fully automated. Now being back together we trust is easier.
The underscore on each team name is a hot link to a single team page showing past match scores and fixtures for the remaining season. Let us know of any bugs and anomalies you spot and feedback on layout or content also helps.

Menus remain, for  both Phones (left) and Desktops (Right). On phones some Captains find a home screen shortcut useful 

For this just open the menu tab on your internet app and save it via the vertical dots icon on the top  right of the address bar.

The results updated by Captains are now up to date in team tables and the Ladder.

Well done everyone for consistently getting results in on time For verification  use the Raw Scores Entered and Team hot links on the Ladder item Please feedback any issues to clear this round.

Next week is Round 6 and is already reset on CERROS

Below is a snapshot picture for your review as at today.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Round 4 Summer 2018 and Round 5 Songkran Progress

Round 5 results are still in progress over 2 weeks during the Songkran Holiday break. Team rank standings and pending matches can be reviewed on the web Ladder

The following matches are:

Played in advance

Round 6 Wed  9 Ball  Pickled Hot Shots vs Club 15 as substitute for Moderation Round 1 deferment


Round 1 Mon  Mixed COOL vs AM  - Wed 18 April  (this week)
Round 1 Wed  9 Ball  PICKLED HOTSHOTS  vs MODERATION - May 7 (half season break)
Round 2 Wed  9 Ball  COUNTRY ROAD vs PICKLED HOTSHOTS - Wed 18 April  (this week)
Round 4 Mon  8 BALL MOONSHINE vs Sportsman BB deferred to May 7 (Mid season break)

Total of 4 catch up matches 2 Monday 2 Wednesday Plus 5 of 12 matches remain on round 5

Here are the remaining round 5 matches plus 1 catch up scheduled this week.

Ladder (Round 4 Snapshot) 

This shows ranking based on completed  matches Deferred as No play or No score matches are highlighted

Match Scores

All Matches for Round 5