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Challenge Season Cup Jan - Feb 2020

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Season Songkran 2020

CUP Draw

Challenge Season Leagues Aug 2019-Jan 20

Captain's Kickoff meeting at Hideaway 7PM Aug 28, 2019

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Songkran Season 2019


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      2019 Songkran Season    Fixture in Competition Order 


      2018 Challenge Season    Fixture in Venues / Teams Order

      Fixtures and Team Info (C18-2)

      2018  Season 1 - Summer. Fixture in Venues / Teams Order

      2. Fixture Competitions / Teams Order

      3. Venues Locations, Contacts and Teams

      The above was agreed at Sukhumvit Social Pool League · Summer 2018 - Captain's Briefing Mar 7 - Season Mar 12 chaired by Gordon Wood and co-chaired by John Walker and Todd Guest

      The Captains meeting is Wednesday March 7th at Moonshine at 7:30

      This will include a review of the season's fixtures and a briefing on new items such as competitions, new rules, and other format updates. Fees are due by season start and should be paid at the meeting.

      The Summer 2018 season gets underway on March 12th

      Peter Moore has reviewed the rules and done some cleanups. Please take the time to read through them before the meeting. There are some changes that Peter will also brief you on at the meeting.

        Captains not able to come should send their representative. Team members and especially new teams are very welcome.All teams must be represented


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