Thursday 19 October 2017

Wednesday Round 4 Results. Winter 2017/18 Season

Here is Round 4 Wednesday Scores and Ladder updates. One match, Sportsman Exiles vs Ice Breakers  was  deferred . 

Links: Ladder Team detail  Please note next week we have a break with Next Round Matches resuming on Oct 30 and Nov 1

And well done everyone for getting your scores posted on time. A perfect run today, allowing for traffic holding up Cher Ami, one of the carrier pigeons, just a tad. 

Just for fun I did a crude chart of our Hot Shots match, hosted at Pickled Liver Pub, to compare the win rates and see if I could spot why we lost.
The first left is Hot Shots 43% bar followed by 5 individuals win rate bars. Moonshine's 57% bar is followed by their 4 players individual win rates bars is on the right..

Being neck and neck at game 25 Moonshine, then they found some extra energy. The chart hides that but it does show clearly that one person made a huge difference.

We also a load of fun trying to take the match off them, and trying to stop her doing more damage, before they pulled out all stops to win at game 30. A truly great night played in great spirit.

Doing the rounds today I heard Breakers, Sporstman, Moderation Bar, Club 15, The Mexican and Spankys Me all hosted great nights of playing fun in what we generally, similar close matches .

Monday 16 October 2017

Cup Knock-Out 1 Results and Round 2 Draw

The CUP Series Monday and Wednesday matches kicked of successfully this week, with all league teams combined in this competition. This results table show Winners moved to the 2nd CUP round and those knocked out moved to the Plate 1 to be played on 13th and 15th Nov 2017 which is now also drawn.

This table here shows the draw for Elimination 2 pairings for the next 4 CUP matches and 4 Plate matches for both nights.

Draw rules applied are the first drawn team in a pairs are at home, except where;
  1. in the first round the drawn team was at home and their drawn opponent was away, 
  2. a team has two home or away games in one week, 
  3. a teams has three consecutive games on the calendar, 
  4. a teams plays the same teams for consecutive calendar weeks at the same location, 
  5. a table conflict occurs. 
When any of these exceptions occur, a swap is required to rectify, along with impacts in the overall drawn order .

Team highlighted in Red font have been adjusted for location balancing (1). One conflict had to be resolved ( 4) where Moonshine and Tigra where scheduled at Moonshine twice, once in the Cup and then in Round 7. They have agreed to swap locations, so Round 7 is away and round 14 is now home at Moonshine. 

Friday 6 October 2017

Cup Knock-Out Series Winter 2017 / 18

Our Champions Knockout series is starting on Monday Mixed & Wednesday 9 Ball. Monday Dates are, 1. Oct 9 2017 2, Nov 20 2017 3, Dec 18 2017 Finals Feb 5 2018. Add 2 days for Wednesday.

The series is for both Monday Mixed and Wednesday 9 Ball.  The first knock out is the Cup, (4 matches), Those eliminated play for a Plate  (3 matches) and then if out for a Spoon (2 matches). 

Here is the Next round information. Since the draw some Wednesday match locations have been swapped to cater for scheduling conflicts.

First round CUP winners go to the next round and losers are relegated to the Plate. In 2nd round Plate losers move to the Spoon and CUP losers move to friends The 3rd Round all losers all move to Friends. The winners  of each category play in the finals for a CUP, PLATE, SPOON.
In the first draw Home teams and Opponents in each round  are decided by a draw with scoring the same as regular league matches to determine the winner. In later draws home teams will be balanced.

Finals will all be played on the same night at one venue depending on tables available. This is a single venue event for all to join and will be at an independent venue, to be decided after round 3.

Awards will be made at the SSPL Presentation Party: 1, Perpetual Cup, held for the duration of the next season, 2, Permanent Cup and Plate Spoon Trophy. 3. Medals for finals players. 4 Team Photo posted to SSPL awards board. 

Here is the result of the Elimination Round 1 Draw.

Wednesday includes modifications on locations to remove location conflicts

Draw Process

Each draw will be a physical (not electronic) to decide the team pairs and location. The location of the Finals will be an at one independent venue as also drawn . E.g Plaza or larger venues able to cater.
A SSPL Standard Cup Draw Template is to be used that also includes process rules: The first draw will be at Sportsman on Tuesday Oct 3rd at 10PM just after the quiz, Example inc.

  1. Elimination Draw Teams Order
CUP Trophy series order with 8 Red then 8 Blue teams numbered 1-16
  1. Elimination 2 teams order
CUP 8 Elim 1 winners   (1-8 in pairs)
PLATE 8 Elim 1 Losers (9-16 on pairs)
  1. Elimination 3 Teams Order
1.Cup  2 wins      (4) 1-4 in pairs
2.Plate 1 win       (4)    5-8 in pairs
3.Spoon 1 win     (4)  9-12- in pairs
4.Friends 0 wins (4) 13-16 in pairs
  1. Finals (Play off 2 finalist in Elim 3)
1.Cup  3 wins      (2)
2.Plate 3 wins      (2)
3.Spoon 2 wins   (2)

  1. The draw is done to complete each match pairing from match 1 down

  1. Draw for Round 1, first ball drawn in each a pair is the host or home team. The second is the visitor or away team. For rounds 2 & 3, home teams will be balanced 
  1. This process is repeated for all 8 matches when all the numbered balls are recorded
  1. The drawn numbers are entered in yellow and matched to the teams in the fixed listed on the left.
  1. Items in red in the fixed list on the left show what is still to be drawn. The #N/A on Draw table on the right shows the matches not yet drawn.
  1. The draw will be supervised by Committee Referee Adviser, Peter Moore and managed by Len Stokes, as the Cup Series coordinator. 

  2. Before being declared as final, the  raw draw is tested against scheduling location rules and conventions with adjustments made for any conflicts, where relevant.   
    1. Relevant Schedule Rules: 
      For League matches teams playing at home in the first half play away in the second. so all teams have equal home homes. 
      Added for CUP - For uneven schedules e.g CUP elimination, no more than one additional home game is allowed. 
      Venues with more than one team can have no more than one of a pair of teams at home in any one night. The maximum is one pair on any one league competition. 
      No team can play more than 2 matches at home or away consecutively for the overall calendar.  
      Venues with teams on both nights will be scheduled with one match at home and one away for any given week. 
      Monday as drawn precedes Wednesday that should be adjusted first if needed.  
  1. Draw timetable:
Draw 1 - Sportsman on Tuesday Oct 3rd at 10PM,
Draw 2 - Pickled Liver at 8:00 PM on October 10th, before the quiz
Draw 3 and finals venue draw will be advised

Thursday 5 October 2017

Wednesday Round 3 Results. Winter 17/18 Season

Updated here is Wednesday Round 3 Ladder. All matches were played.
Links: Ladder Team detail


Next League Trophy Matches will be in 2 weeks after the first Cup Knock-Out Round. Details of this are still being finalized and will be published by late Friday. 

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Monday Round 3 Results. Winter 2017/18 Season

Here is Monday Round 3 Ladder update, All matches were played. Links Ladder Team detail

Results were entered by captions using the Online Cerros Submission Application we are trialing. So fare so good  The next Trophy matches are on October 15 as next week we start the Cup series.