Monday 29 January 2018

Round 13 Results - Winter 2017/18 plus What's On

Here are Competitions results for Round 13. The catch-up Exiles vs Ice Breakers (R4) will be played on Feb 7. Go here for your Team Results Detail>>.

Scores validation by Captains confirmation was completed this week with some scores having minor corrections. For confidence in the last round of the season all results now declared final and closed as  round 13.
Of significance is a committee review on 2 rounds 

  • Round 8 to Sportsman Stoned was awarded the match played against Exiles on Dec 29. after an eligible Exiles players game scores were removed.
  • The Round 13 match Exiles vs Hot Shots match inconclusive so a no win was recorded each team.
All other challenges and ongoing arrangements are now deemed agreed including the Exiles Round 4 catch up with Breakers to be played on Feb 7th.

As in prior seasons, if the league still believes any match outcome based on notional result unfairly impinges a team having had a fair chance to get a trophy position, it reserves the right to decide a rematch or playoff so trophy awards are based on real match play.

All top levels of each comps results are all excitingly close. Some to 5th position still have a shot at getting a trophy or moving up. Even more exiting is some scores being separated by just a few games. For last round means not only match wins but every game will count. 

But trophy or not if we are all having fun, everyone will have won.

Good luck everyone. 

Be warned: any Unpaid fees at this point will result in loss of ladder contention for that team. 



Monday 22 January 2018

Round 12 and 11 Results - Winter 2017/18 plus What's On

Here are both Monday and Wednesday competitions results for Round 12 . This includes catch up matches played over this past weekend, Pot shots vs Sport Corner and Breakers Fun vs Country Road.

Catch-ups outstanding are 1, Exiles vs Ice Breakers (R4) and Why Not Vs Spanky's Me (R11)

Please note that the combined Lucky Shot Food & Sport and the Moderation Bar combined team results stand as one team. Both captains agreed to the merge while Moderation bar temporarily closed in November and will finish the season together as Lucky Shots as shown on the results pages.

Details link: Results, Next matches and Team information.

Round 11 for the record are as follows:

Captain's, please check all your to date results on your team sheets. We will assume, by the end of this week, all results as posted are correct. That should give Captain's time to re-confirm your round 12 positions as stated in this post above,  so round 13 and 14 and any catch ups results when added will reflect the correct positions.

Also be aware that any unpaid fees at this point will result in loss of ladder contention for that team.