Thursday 23 January 2020

2019 Challenge Season Ladder Update. Cup Series, Important Key Events and Information

Season End Competition Results 

The three top trophy places are now known, however, the final ladder positioning and scores are still being decided with last catchup games yet being played.

Here is a link to the live results

This is the Ladder as at today 23 Jan with catchup results still to be finalised over the next few days.

Congratulations to all teams who achieved a trophy place and everyone for another impressive season. The date and venue for the Presentations will be set shortly.

CUP Series Starts Next week 

The Cups for both Monday and Wednesday will span 5 weeks and include 3 qualifying rounds to decide teams in the various Knockouts finals.  

Most teams are already in with just a couple still trying to muster teams to enjoy this always fun series before we start a new season.

To allow the matches to begin next week, we will finalise and publish the draw this week.
Here is the format

End of an Era 

As we have all known for some time, Queens Park Plaza will close at the end of Jan 31 to make way for development.

The good news is current teams resident there, namely Hideaway, Moonshine and Hangout, who each add a vital mix of life and longevity to the league community, have all secured great new locations nearby. SO they will not be lost.

Moonshine this Saturday night, January 25th have their end of an era party. And they are planning it to be the doosie of all Moonshine parties. Mitch just sent me this reminder invite for everyone to join.

Hideaway, true to nature without fan-fair or fuss Jack has been looking after and farewelling customers and friends to the Plaza in his traditional Jack style of hospitality.

If you are around before 26th, Jack will be thrilled if you pop in for a final drink so he can update you regarding what is going on and what he is planning for the rebirth in early Feb. His new-found Hideaway, true to name it is neatly tucked in a side soi just across Sukhumvit road.  He just told me it is easy to find. Just go to the end of the first Subsoi on the right on Soi 33 opposite Christi's, formerly Check Inn 99, just off Sukhumvit Road.

Hangout Bar will see Noi open the new Hangout just down the road in Soi 22  Hangout is adding a modern table to suit the new bar but otherwise keeping all things beautiful that have always made Hangout bar a delight to visit. Before they close on Jan 29 why not call in for a drink and indulge yourself with their one last treat of their great Plaza hospitality to get the gossip and their plans.

Registration 2020 Asia Pool Challenge Qualify Series

2020 is the 10th anniversary of this significant International pool event. As co-founders it is fitting Bangkok is host this year.

Closing date to enter the qualifying series is FEBRUARY 15. The fee is 2000 baht with 1000 baht refunded on completion of your qualifying matches. 

To sign up, please contact Stuart Pettman (Hustlers), Joe Veriato@ Sportsman, Ronny Jakobsen or Gordon Wood @ The Bangkok Pool Community. Fees due by Feb 15.

Sponsors and Supporters
This season with the transition from Sukhumvit Social Pool League to become The Bangkok Pool Community was almost seamless.  Maturing into that broader perspective now allows others to join us. Being involved in the APC created better understanding and respect within and all the levels of our community. Our status as an infuencing body that we have evolved into is also now much clearer.

Being able to take a support role in the Internation level of the APC team sponsoring has also seen some sponsors' seeking to add to and exploit that higher value. Our long-standing stable and enjoyable spirit of Pool, for connecting people on a much broader level, can only see us all prosper and grow from that.

Our banner, transparency and content proudly seeks to show how are a exposes us to continually improve our community. Using our cue sport foil to deflect a rigorous pace in Bangkok, makes our lives enjoyable.

The ever-changing demands of Bangkok life mean maintaining a high standard of respect for each is the key as it refines our competitively social culture. Seems like a no brainer for we get issues they just get solved. 

To do all that, we all know what works. Our sponsors need support as much as they support each other and the rest of us.