Friday 29 September 2017

Wednesday Round 2 Results. Winter 2018 Season

Here is the ladder after Wednesday Round 2 matchesThe Pickled Liver vs Spanky's Me match was deferred until mid  season.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Monday Round 2 Results. Winter 2018 Season

Pictured below is the Ladder after Monday when All Matches were played on schedule. Download Ladder Team detail
This week we began live testing a new Google Forms based results updatng process. This lets Host Captians post their match results direclty to the web; and replaces an admin person having to do that and then recheck etc. 
We are thrilled to be catching up to other leagues who do this already. It not only standardises our results reporting, but it also removes the quite an arduous admin effort that none of us want.  
So far so good this round. Luck was it went very smoothly. Our fully automated process with obsolutely no manual overides or issues, so far, also needed virtually no training. 
It may be just one small step for mankind! Thanks to all those who jumped in and made it work. Special mention to Johnny Walker and Ben T for their QA and Testing work. 

Thursday 21 September 2017

Wednesday Round 1 Results. Winter 2018 Season

Here are the results and ladder positions after Wednesday Round 1 matchesAll matches were played to make it a perfect start to the season this week. 

Even with the disparity of scores, all said they enjoyed the first night challenge. Our new Wednesday Team , Moderation made a great start with a win on the board already. Well done to everyone for making it another memorable kick off night.

Download this Ladder at and team detail scores at

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Monday Round 1 Results. Winter 2018 Season

Here are the results and ladder positions after Monday Round 1 matches. All matches were played in a very smooth season start.

Download this Ladder at and team detail scores at

All teams seem to have had a very smooth start.

New Wave  and Koballed match for 2 new teams went well in the end. Koballed's Captain Len and his sponsor Kob were at the host venue on time. but some others had trouble finding it and were a few minutes late . That worried Len who takes our rules to heart. But the true spirit of being a social league, with give and take, was not lost and all went well. Well done on your win Koballed, who are playing from a K&S Bar on Soi 4 , and to Rob and team at New Wave also new venue, for hosting.

Moderation team , who are new too and are playing on Wednesdays, were so keen to get going they hit the road and come out to meet other teams. First doing a bit of a recon trip down to find Club 15, in readiness for their Wednesday match, They then went to Sportsman and met the teams there. They  played for an hour or two on the tables too and we also enjoyed their company in the refreshments break. Welcome again K Bee, Jimi and team

Jack;s Hideaway team and Tor's Rate Pack team match looked like a lot of fun from my adjacent match. It could have been anyone's match along the way but Hideaway took the win.  Tor, Bill and others who came together as a team in just one day did a mighty job.  It was great to see how things can get done so well in a social environment that cares about our community  Congratulations to the new Rat Pack team. Very well done Rats.for a great first night.

In my Sportsman Pot shots  vs Country Road match, with Henk joining and taking it on as an alternative Captain from Bob and me while Bob is away, as part  of the trial, elected to play 8 Ball, except for the last 5 games of 9 Ball. It was a really fun night even though Pots-Shots shots went to pot. We got soundly toweled by the Country boys and Joy. But like her name, joy is great fun to play against, as are all the other guys in their team .

Johnny Walker and Steve Lavender reported a Fun night and a great start for Club 15 and Sports Corner. Mind you JW I did warn you Sports Corner who are new this season too, do know how to pot a ball or two. Looking at their scores they will be doubly happy. Thanks for taking it easy on them to make them welcome mate.   

Nick’s and Todd's, Pickled Liver and Ruthless teams faced at Hustlers in what turned out to be a great match that went to the wire. A classic 7-12 8-11 finish. In the 22nd frame the win to Ruthless’ got them the 12th game. But it was the game before that mattered when win to Pickled Liver gave them the 8th of set 15 points to take the match point and the win. The last 2 of the 23 games played for the ladder percentage were equally fort to help later when it  matters in the final rounds in January.

Sean had already gone, when I got to back to Pickled Liver Pub where Pickled Stoned had played Hustlers Fun. He was probably stoned after his team were Hustled out of a win. I have no other updates, but I know those guys would have all enjoyed a good night, as they always do.

Before I left Sportsman, King had given me the good oil on the Moonshine vs Alco match, where he had just come from playing.  He said it was a fun night too with Moonshine guys, as always making it enjoyable.

I did notice earlier when I went past Spanky's that the teams there had left too. Pity as I wanted to chat with Ricco and Lek who were looking forward to what they knew would be a tough match.  And it seems that it was. Well done Jay and the Sportsman Terminators for you first night with your newly formed team. You might thinks about giving Mike a new handicap and call him Arnie?

On the admin Cerros Repleh today helped get the scoring reports ready and do the results updates. Jay Mirchandani 's new scheduling program did the job well too, to let us get all it all started on time. All that was done in personal time in the early hours of the mornings just before show time, when it mattered. In the end the systems handled it all very well. Well done Jay M and Cerros. More to come from Jay and Reto on automating so we have with less risk from attrition with the league always able to continue functioning well.

Team captains,  please take a look at the web results and let me know if any data needs attention before we make it final and move it to next round.

Well done everyone, Sponsors, Captains, Players, and Supporters and our back end teams, for another great start to what promises to be an even better season.

From what I am told Wednesday, looks like it will be just as good. I am now really looking forward to it,


Gordon Wood
For SSPL League

Sunday 10 September 2017

EOS Presentations - The Party is About to Start

Our "Don't Miss Event" - The End of Season Presentation Party is at 
Breakers Sports Bar
Tomorrow (Monday) Night  - Sep 11 2017

See you all there 

Monday 4 September 2017

End of Season Presentation Party and New Season Kick off

To Our Total Pool Community

(Please copy and forward  this link to all your players and friends )

After such a fantastic season, the presentation party planned for Monday Sept 11th promises to be ever better. This season its at Breakers Sports Bar Sukhumvit Soi 13. All re welcome including the 6 new 2018 Teams joining SSPL for the first time.

As always this is a calendar event for players and their family and friends. As a fun filled night, to acknowledge everyone who helped make the season so good, Trophies will go to top 3 positions in each competition.


On Wednesday 13th Sept. all Captains and coordinators will meet to discuss the Kickoff of Winter 2018 Season. That will be at Country Road on Sukhumvit Soi 4 starting at 7PM.

The meeting will make welcome Captains and team coordinators including the new teams joining SSPL. The aim is then to have a shared understanding of the schedules, match formats, rules and forms that will be used and prevail for whole season, which  starts on Mon Sep 18th and Wed 20th.

Detail will be available in draft for teams to review and feedback this week, and then finalizing state on the web, one or two days before the meeting. Updates will be advised via LINE Captain's Forum.


The posters here are for publicity. Please Download to share or print for wall display via this Link