Thursday 28 March 2019

Round 3 Songkran Season 2019 and more

For the full Round 3, the good news is we had wonderful fun playing our matches. 

As for bad news, there is none. Our LADDER also loved getting scores in on time.

Featured this week is our very own superstar May, pictured here on party night. 

May is co-owner with Noi (Supattra) at Hangout Bar. Pay them a visit. They always make you welcome

Ladder position 

Monday and Wednesday Round 3.

Other Events this week

It's Wasana's birthday today and Mitch has invited everyone to join the party at Moonshine tonight. Yes, tonight Mar 28.

I wondered when he said he wanted to give her a well-deserved break from the Kitchen if that meant Mitch was the new chef for the night. I will be there not only to find out but to wish Wasana a happy birthday in person along with many others who told me they are going too.

We might even pop over to Hideaway later to wish Ton happy birthday too.

Sponsor News 

You may have noticed our top banner is now being adorned with sponsor awareness logos. 

New additions this year include River Fall Wines owned by Garry who last season donated the prizes for our singles tournament; And Mexican owned by Dennis, who donated prizes for the End of Season Party as did Cue Sports Thailand thru their Bangkok distributors Sportsman. 

A Foreign Affair Thailand is new. They have made a significant contribution to fund our the Bangkok Heat sponsoring efforts. Thanks, Len and team for that support. 

Shernox is not new and has been there from the get-go. We include them simply to acknowledge their staff support from time to time with tech stuff. 

Johnny Walker who does so much for the league is up there in spirit too, so please be aware he is in business promoting and brokering many of our businesses with the same enthusiasm. 

Did I miss anyone?

Here is a quick reminder about all our other sponsors who make our league possible. 

Thursday 21 March 2019

Rounds 2 Songkran Season 2019 & APC Qualifying

The familiar round robin bantering in the titan's tussle for a talisman trophy for the Songkran 2019 season continues. Be-it Win Lose or Draw on Monday and Wednesday, we continued the tradition of truly enjoyable matches. To requote a comment amongst many this week, "a truly amazing match", again we saw the wonder of wonders that never ceases that we call "fun". 

Ranking of WLD (Wacky League Drinkers) teams, along with the detail of each match result, are in snapshots below as taken from the live web.


Round 2 Monday

Round 2 Wednesday

Match Results 

Here for both Rounds 1 & 2 are results for all matches played 

APC Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series 

The results of the qualifying rounds are being updated weekly and are now on our web site tab as APC Qualifying

No, APC is not a headache pill. APC is "Asia Pool Challenge" and our international tournament now in its 9th year. This year the APC returns to Jakarta, where 8 countries are competing in what began in 2009 with just Jakarta and Bangkok. 

Bangkok Heat is the name of the team we send to compete in the APC each year. Unlike other years, qualifying for the 10 sponsored places this year sees every registered contender playing all other contenders a minimum of 5 qualifying matches. 

The series is managed by a Bangkok Heat APC Organising Committee. That oversees 30 registered player's who are required to play the other 29 is 145 qualifying games by July 1. 

To make the cut the simple average is 99 wins, with the top 5 already achieving 110. We are hopeful the medium average for the rest will be no less than 95 to make a really strong team.  

Here is the current status in what so far has been an electric charge to pool in Bangkok that has already seen 80% of the qualifying matches played and many social league players enjoying the opportunity to have a go. That is also seeing a resurgence of all the leagues coming together in what is quite an unprecedented way. 

As everyone is enjoying the series, momentum is high with the whole community getting behind the objective to bring the converted APC Cup Back to Bangkok in August this year. The wonderful challenge will then be to defend it again in 2020 when the APC comes back to Bangkok for its 10th anniversary. 

Social Pool Leagues of Bangkok

We recently had a very useful discussion with the other Bangkok Social league coordinators with a view to making leagues into and seen as a single community. 

The goal is to not only harmonise the community with sponsor valued much higher but also being a larger group to provide a wider variety of choice to meet competitive and social network oriented player bases across various standards. 

With the agreement in principle reached, the value in taking the rest of the season to sort out the detail will allow for wider practical discussion and input to make it work. So watch this space. 

Sponsor News 

Here is a quick reminder about who makes all this possible. 

Yes, we know it's the players who should get the pat on the back for turning up.  But we also know our sponsors work even harder to make the place we turn up to so much more than just a place.

 So we don't ever forget who they are, here's who they are !! 

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Rounds 1 and 2 Songkran Season 2019

Wrestling for the coveted SSPL Trophies is off again with the second round now underway

The new Win Lose Draw Ladder compiles results for Monday Round 1 & 2 and Wednesday Round 1 matches played so far.

Ladder Round 2 for Monday Only 

Results so far include Monday Rounds 1&2 and Wed Round 1 matches already played 

Thursday 7 March 2019

Challenge Season 2018/19 -Presentation Party

What a great party we had on Presentation night at Country Road. It seemed our numbers were the most ever with over 100 people attending. With 23 Trophies and 180 medals, it was continuous fun as we all acknowledged all the winning teams and their challengers.

Like our matches, everyone won. We were entertained delightfully by Johnny Walker as our Master of Ceremonies. The culinary delights created by Wasanna from Moonshine were without a doubt nothing less than a feast. Special thanks to Yai and his staff at Country Road as our hosts. And congratulations to our winners and everyone who makes our league so special. 

Tuesday 5 March 2019

The Captains Kick off Meeting for Songkran season 2019 was held at Pavillion Sports Bar. Most teams were represented
Fees were paid If you are still un-financial please attend to that.

RULES Captains are asked to be familiar with SSPL Definitions and Rules - 2019 SongkranSpecifically, changes to scoring for the season was agreed. i.e For Monday matches, as a trial, it was agreed to change the match scoring so an equal number of games played could allow for a draw.

8 Ball games are now 20 games (1 more) in unscored sets so only games won count for the match win and the ladder. Monday Mixed is now 22 games (1 less) where scored the best of 14 set points still decide the winner and where games win rate separates the ladder positions where matches won points are equal

For all Monday matches points awarded are now 2 for a win 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. Wednesday 9 Ball remains unchanged with the winner being the first to 17 games won for 1 match point

FAIR PLAY A discussion about continuing play decided there the rules were adequate to ensure players qualification for matches so a reasonable balance of skill and harmony is always maintained.

Concerns were noted about team stacking with higher grade players for finals and cup matches and it was agreed by all present that this would not be acceptable in the future.

Here are the relevant rules:

TEAM MAKEUP.  A team must have 4 players of a average grade consistent with the competition level. 
CONTINUING PLAYER In the last three rounds of the League season or Cup Knockout competitions, new players who have not played in at least 3 league competition rounds prior, cannot be introduced  
CERROS was discussed and it was stated that even though it is home team scores that are entered a Captain can delegate posting to CERROS to anyone as long as both captains verify it by 10am the next day. The scoresheet picture posted to LINE Captain Forum is still required as a signed off verification reference

FIXTURES: Here is a list of teams for the season including contacts. The Wall fixtures will be printed once all Logo and Sponsor information is complete. In the meantime, the web is updated and should be referred to and used for all resources. E.g Scoresheets etc