Thursday 28 March 2019

Round 3 Songkran Season 2019 and more

For the full Round 3, the good news is we had wonderful fun playing our matches. 

As for bad news, there is none. Our LADDER also loved getting scores in on time.

Featured this week is our very own superstar May, pictured here on party night. 

May is co-owner with Noi (Supattra) at Hangout Bar. Pay them a visit. They always make you welcome

Ladder position 

Monday and Wednesday Round 3.

Other Events this week

It's Wasana's birthday today and Mitch has invited everyone to join the party at Moonshine tonight. Yes, tonight Mar 28.

I wondered when he said he wanted to give her a well-deserved break from the Kitchen if that meant Mitch was the new chef for the night. I will be there not only to find out but to wish Wasana a happy birthday in person along with many others who told me they are going too.

We might even pop over to Hideaway later to wish Ton happy birthday too.

Sponsor News 

You may have noticed our top banner is now being adorned with sponsor awareness logos. 

New additions this year include River Fall Wines owned by Garry who last season donated the prizes for our singles tournament; And Mexican owned by Dennis, who donated prizes for the End of Season Party as did Cue Sports Thailand thru their Bangkok distributors Sportsman. 

A Foreign Affair Thailand is new. They have made a significant contribution to fund our the Bangkok Heat sponsoring efforts. Thanks, Len and team for that support. 

Shernox is not new and has been there from the get-go. We include them simply to acknowledge their staff support from time to time with tech stuff. 

Johnny Walker who does so much for the league is up there in spirit too, so please be aware he is in business promoting and brokering many of our businesses with the same enthusiasm. 

Did I miss anyone?

Here is a quick reminder about all our other sponsors who make our league possible. 

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