Friday 5 April 2019

Round 4 Songkran Season 2019 Update

Just when you think it cannot get any better, it does. This week proved that once again with another wonderful round of crazy fun matches.

Our cover girl this week is Pooky, who helps manage one of our leagues long-standing and beloved venues, Breakers Sports Bar.

Pooky is a respected player herself and wins her fair share of games. She says “I love playing in the social league. We don't take winning so seriously and as a player, I can relax and often play better. And win or lose it is always fun as we all meet each week to continue our friendships."

Pooky brings her charm and welcoming warmth to Breakers every day where you will also find Toshi, Ulon and Jay too. As working owners, they are equally ready to provide an addictive experience or some drop in anytime fun, in their venue where everyone is welcome.

In the spirit of playing seriously for fun here are the results for, Monday and Wednesday Round 4.

Team News

You may have noticed Kiwi and Sports Academy Logo in our array. Yes, that is correct. The Pickled Lads have moved to Sports Academy. And our old mate Kiwi don't want to wait till next season so they will add a team to fill the byes ASAP. To both venues, we extend a very warm welcome.

Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series

What an outstanding success this series has been. With 30 players competing to see who will play in the APC on August 22-25 this year in Jakarta, the interest and value to pool in Bangkok is huge.

What is making this qualifying series so special?  As a foundation event, it is forming the genesis of our very our ongoing International IMPACT series that could make Bangkok and Thailand an international sporting centre for Pool as a sport Sport and a significant export.

Here are the results of The BHQ play up to today.

These results are updated as matches completed and can be seen on our web

Other Events Upcoming

All our Pool Leagues are invited you to join in the first of our Invitation Masters Pool Asia Challenge Tournament series, in Phnom Phen on April 12.

"Cue Sports Thailand, our "Bangkok Heat APC Team and SSPL major sponsor have contributed significantly to establish this series. Hence we are calling this event "Cue Sports Thailand IMPACT Cambodia". Other Sponsors Hustlers Sportsman & A Foreign Affair are also supporting this series.

The Phnom Phen venue is Hops Craft Beer Garden which features a classy craft beer brewery and a sports bar with high-end tables. Our hosts will be the Phnom Penh Parrots and local social league teams.

Most are going for the entire weekend from 12-15th April. Some have booked a week from 10th-16th

As the tournament name suggests it is an invitation series and everyone including the social league players are invited to come and enjoy what promises to be a fantastic social event during the Thai Songkran break.

To join in just book your flight and accommodation and let us know. Contact me or Joe if you need more information.

One League Community Model for Bangkok 

This week a very productive discussion continued toward combining into our leagues into a Bangkok One Community Pool Leagues model including SSPL and the BPL and perhaps others.  

In principle, BPL will run a short season to finish the same time as ours before we then merge their Monday and Wednesday divisions with ours. SSPL will also look very closely at adopting the scoring app that BPL has developed to make match management more efficient and fun and less work for captains and coordinators 

The current BPL teams we tend to play at a higher grade, basically also gives us some synergy to cater to have premier league level matches included in our Bangkok One Community competitions mix. 

In the end, it makes so much to be one community as a feeder to APC and IMPACT series levels for related sponsorship and funding.  

How we manage competitions for will likely be unchanged (format Scoring rules etc can be unique to each comp) but the synergy and harmony of having one community will make so much more sense for support and marketing our sponsors and providing harmonious choices for players teams and all stakeholders.

Sponsor News

Thanks to the great effort by Kal and Team from Sportsman our new sponsor banner is now is all the venue on our wall fixtures. One for each night. If you haven't got them already just let me know.

New this year are River Fall Wines owned by Garry and Mexican owned by Dennis, plus of  Cue Sports Thailand who are Rhino distributors at Sportsman and  A Foreign Affair Thailand, the latter 2  have a significant contribution to fund our the Bangkok Heat sponsoring efforts. Shernox has also been there from the get-go with their staff supporting us technically.


In the foot of this post is the full list including hosting sponsors who make our league possible.

Our sponsors are also our friends many of whom also play in our teams. They invest time and resources in facilities and equipment and host our teams. Sponsorship pays for the trophies and running our league entirely. And all that for the price of a few drinks and buying their products when we need them.

The league regards this partnership as special and encourages players to support and recommend our sponsors as a first choice.

Cue Sports Thailand

You can find Cue Sports Thailand in Bangkok at Sportsman. They have a wide range of pool equipment; Rhino Tables, Cloths, Cues Accessories plus more. Visit their website to see their range and follow their Facebook Page for some great pool tips

Black Pagoda
Pat Pong
Suk 13
Suk 22
Suk 22

Suk 43/3

Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk Rd Times Square Building Soi 12 -14
Suk 22 Sub 1

Soi 8 sub 2
Herrity’s Irish Pub Bangkok
Soi 33/1
Moonshine Pub
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 23
Suk 13
Suk 13
Suk 20
Suk  7/1

Suk 2
Suk 33
Suk 20 Lane
Suk 22- Sub 2
Suk Rd  13-15

A Foreign Affair Thailand
Introduction Agency
Shernox Group  
Business Planning

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