Thursday 11 April 2019

Round 5 Songkran Season 2019 Update

Happy New Year Everyone for the Thai New Year

As we all head off to enjoy the Songkran holiday take a look at the results for Monday and Wednesday Round 5, plus other stuff.

Next week is a holiday week so no matches are scheduled. It is a good chance to play any catchups or a match in advance if it suits. 

Team News

During Songkran, when wet spots will mean something else in Soi 22, you will find many already far and wide for the holidays. 

For example, the family fun at Moonshine for friends and workers who chose to join has moved 4 hours south to a summer retreat to island hop,  relax,  drink,  eat,  then drink some more with BBQ's,  music,  and then drink and eat some more. Who would need ice water down their back when they can choose that. 

Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series

We heard Steve Davis wanted to play in the APC but unfortunately, they said he would be considered a ringer. As you can see from this timeless 2004 video, having fun playing is not just our social league purview. We also added German translation to help the Germans understand Britsh humour, but sadly no Aussie. 

Davis is a delight to watch doing tricks as he wins the "take the piss" world championship too. 

Here is the snapshot of BHQ results up to April 11.

Included are matches recorded Mar 21 to Apr 11 

These results are updated as matches are completed and can be seen on our web

Upcoming Events 

As you read this, you may kick yourself you missed the first in the series of Invitation Masters Pool Asia Challenge Tournaments. 

At 8PM on April 12, our Bangkok Motley-Lot will face the PP Parrots. There's a flight at 3pm  on Friday if you still want to join. 

The Cue Sports Thailand IMPACT Cambodia match, at Hops Craft Beer Garden, is readied with new cloth on each of the 3 tables. For the remainder of the weekend, the local BWA teams have other matches planned. 

Sponsor News

It seems we have a sponsor we didn't know about. The Thai Police. 

Players have noticed that to get to matches these days we often face traffic jams. Don't complain, we might be the cause. 

Counting bar staff, owners and players our leagues have around 330 people each week involved in up to 30 pool matches. Hence from 7-8PM twice a week, you can see people scurrying about like ants clogging up the city. 

The Thonglor police sergeant Mr Veputupwitufalang, his week was reported as saying that the police like us because when we play pool we are orderly and don't cause problems complaining about Thai culture. 

With a quiet smile, he added that he is impressed we can organise expats into pool leagues, as it is a bit like herding cats. 

Counting the Sukhumvit, Premier, Tiger and Bangkok leagues with venue staff collectively we make up the 330. If you study our score sheets this week would see we have around 240 of this including around 80 who play twice a week.

All use the alibi that they are all playing in one of our 21 matches between 7:30  to 11:30 PM. and it's true. That includes approx 18  players, this week with 3 BYES and 1 deferred match, who are all are guilty as charged for using the chance to practice, play a friendly or just have a night off with a leave pass.  As Mr Veputupwitufalang said, "This is Bangkok so we know they are safe and all having fun spending their money on us."

"It is our privilege Mr V, and we appreciate the support." 


In the foot of this post is the full list including hosting sponsors who make our league possible.

Our sponsors are our friends, many of whom also play in our teams. They invest time and resources in facilities and equipment and host our teams. Sponsorship pays for the trophies and running our league entirely. And all that for the price of a few drinks and buying their products when we need them.

The league regards this partnership as special and encourages players to support and recommend our sponsors as a first choice.

Cue Sports Thailand

You can find Cue Sports Thailand in Bangkok at Sportsman. They have a wide range of pool equipment; Rhino Tables, Cloths, Cues Accessories plus more. Visit their website to see their range and follow their Facebook Page for some great pool tips

Suk 13
Black Pagoda
Pat Pong
   and Music Bar
Suk 22
Suk 4  
Suk 22
Suk 43/3

Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk Rd Times Square Building Soi 12 -14
Suk 22 Sub 1

Soi 8 sub 2
Herrity’s Irish Pub Bangkok
Soi 33/1
Moonshine Pub
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 23
Suk 13
Suk 20
Suk  7/1

Suk 2
Suk 20 Lane
Suk 22- Sub 2
Suk Rd  13-15

Life Partners  Thailand
Introduction Agency
Shernox Group  
Business Planning

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