Saturday 31 August 2019

Asia Pool Challenge - Jakarta August 21-24 2019

With planning for next year already well underway, it seems aeons since the Jakarta 2019 Asia Pool Challenge last week.

Congratulations to Jakarta All-Stars who won by 1 frame with total 102. Bangkok Heat and Singapore Stingers finished equal second with 101 frames. Bangkok was first in the head to head, and our Rauri Mccarroll won the Super Singles.

For the supporters who went and many more at home watching the live streams, we all saw the fabulous results of 6 months of practice, qualifying and selections. That had produced a totally focussed and cohesive team that enjoyed playing and supporting each other unconditionally. With the overall aim to make us all proud, we were wonderfully represented to win regardless of the outcome.

Congratulations Bangkok Heat for a great result and being such great ambassadors for Bangkok.

The Bangkok Pool Community especially want to thank our sponsors for their added support for APC BHQ Effort. Sportsman Restaurant & Bar, Hustlers Sports & Pool, Thailand Pool Tables, Pizza Mania, Life PartnersThailand, Mexcian and others made it all possible financially.

The Bangkok Pool Community is very proud to be the founding supporter of Bangkok Heat Qualifying series coordinating and planning team who select the final team and go it all organised to go.

Gluttons for more, the 10th Anniversary, will see the event return to Bangkok next year in August 2020 with Bangkok Pool Community hosting. Nine countries will compete, including Japan for the first time.

Watch this space for what we hope is the best ever in 2020.

You can access the TV Table videos of our matches via our site. We have that set up to stream and store any matches that matter. 

For more information about Bangkok Heat, go to Bangkok Heat Group in facebook run by Ronny Jacobsen. That has loads of information and pictures.

Ronny is also the chairman of the Bangkok Heat Planning and Organising committee that makes it all happen. Well done Ronny.

Jakarta All Stars –      102
Singapore Stingers – 101
Bangkok Heat –          101
Saigon Legends –          85
Manila Patriots –          84
Seoul Crushers –            81
Phnom Penh Parrots – 66
Shanghai Sharks –          52
Bangkok Heat Progress Scores 

Our Sponsors 

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Friday 16 August 2019

CUP Series Finals Hustlers Aug 14 2019

Special thanks to Graham & Bunny and the wonderful Hustlers staff who went all out to give us a great experience hosting the CUP Finals this week

Thanks also to Yai and Team and Wassana who organised the after-party at Country Road. For those who went, it was a real bonus. 

As for the players and supporters, please give your selves a big pat on the back. Like the whole season the matches, last matches were all played in such great spirit. In every match, we saw each one of you playing also a winner. 

3rd place matches played outside in other venues was something new too. Robert and Jordan reported the same outcome. Great night all round for the napkin and toothpick trophy. 

Thanks, everyone for a great season and congratulations for making it such a wonderful success. 

It's now onward and upward now for a new season from September 2 with a new game plan as "Bangkok Pool Community"  

Next week quite a lot of us are off to Jakarta for the Asia Pool Challenge. Our Bangkok Heat team are ready with months of preparing, to go all out to bring back the CUP.  Quite a few this week were deciding to come to support the team and enjoy the break. The flights are cheap right now and the hotel has rooms if you want to come. Here is Team Shirt. If you want one contact me or Ronny 

Next is our Bangkok Pool Community End of Season Trophy party @Sportsman on Aug 26. Robert Dagger, our chief organiser, has booked John Walker to fly in to be the overall master of ceremonies.

David Dickenson will co-host with John, which we suspect will be a bit like the famous Peter Cook and Dudley Moore duo doing Behind the Fridge 

If you think it's over the top with 2 MC's, Food, Trophies, Happy Hour Prices, Raffles, Door prizes some comedy plus all the frills that Robert Dagger is planning to make it and more fun and worthwhile;  there is more. 

An added bonus will be Lee Shamrock to entertain us for a couple of hours. Lee is always great fun so we know he will make the night remorable.

This event has something for everyone and we want everyone to enjoy it. 

Here are the CUP results. What a fantastic night.

By the way, I sent Pizza mani some pics of the supper order.  This was our WhatsApp exchange. 

[21:08, 14/8/2019] Gordon Wood: Russell we have a supper break in a Cup final here at Hustlers involving 10 teams  As you can see in the pics they are demolishing your pizza's right now 

[21:15, 14/8/2019] Russell: Thanks for the order! Hustlers are the best. Lovely ladies too. Making my pizza look really good. Ha! Might have to take up pool ;).

[21:18, 14/8/2019] Gordon Wood: Can I quote you. Better still, come over if you have a minute.
[21:31, 14/8/2019] Russell : Sounds like an excellent time! I just got home. You boys have fun. Thanks again for the pics. Made my night!