Friday 23 December 2016

Round 6 Results Wednesday & Thursday

Round 6 Wednesday and Thursday Results. are below. Captains to verify and message (PM) any issues. Round 7 matches restart again from January 9,  2017

We wish players, sponsors with their families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and a Prosperous 2017

Wednesday.  This Link has the details

Thursday  This Link has the details

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Sportsman 7th Anniversary Party this Week

Sportsman is having a 7 Year Itch event, this week. if you are around, why not enjoy helping them scratch it. To celebrate, their plan is for a great Xmas Eve night for their customers and their families & friends. 

It the spirit of giving and receiving, SSPL are sponsoring our sponsors who have supported us all year. We added a one-page flyer to the Venues tab so you can see them all as they add-events. . 

Please join in celebrating our 7 year anniversary  on Xmas eve. Free BBQ & drinks specials plus our resident musicians will be there from 6pm in our upstairs bar area. It’s Happy Hour all evening with -local bottled beer 90 baht -Tiger/Singha pints 99 baht -Heineken pints 120 baht -Stowford pints 199 baht -Selected spirits from 110 baht -Specials on Hoegaarden bottled beer

Everybody Welcome!

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Monday Round 6

Here are Monday Round 6 Results, Standings & Next round Info. This Link has the details.

(The previously posted standings page was erroneous and is now corrected and resent to subscribers.)

Sunday 18 December 2016

Monday Round 5

Here are Round 5 Results, Standings & Next round Info. This Download Link has details . Each Sunday we will re-send  Play Next teams Link to Captains to re-confirm  This in phone size and may be useful to added phone home page too. 

Thursday 8 December 2016

Wednesday & Thursday - Round 4

Here are Round 4 updates Wednesday and Thursday comps.  This Link has details & updates. Please note results include Friendlies. Schedule imbalances now may limit adopting all or part of this idea

 Don't forget to mark your diaries for the Birthday parties this week   See Flyers below

This week the committee will re-aligned Wednesday schedule from rounds 5-9.  Some trophy and friendlies match changes are needed to fill gaps. Everyone's feedback is important to keep Captains engaged. Hence this Updating Link , also on the Captains Forum, shares schedule re-drafting so far, so further updates can be agreed quickly.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Monday Round 4

Here are Monday Round 4 Results, Standings & Next round Info. This Download Link has details . Each Sunday we will re-send  Play Next teams Link to Captains to re-confirm  This in phone size and may be useful to added phone home page too. 

Please advise us promptly of any of issues. 

Monday 5 December 2016

SSPL Peter Pan Club Upcoming Birthday Events

The “So far so good plan to live forever movement”, has cynics who say “No-one gets out alive”.

Nick and Jack, two of our never get old Peter Pan disciples, along with JD are defying them by celebrating their always young, Birthdays with respective parties on Friday & Saturday

Despite their youth, these are "must-attend" events for the rest of us too. No presents please, but bring your sense of humour and prepare to have fun. Bring partners and families to enjoy the entertainment and socialising with the usual free flow food. 

The flyers let you know more!

Thursday 1 December 2016

Wednesday Round 3

Here is the Round 3 Result & Standings.  Use this Link to get final updates.  This link shows changes to Play Next detail as captain re-confirm his later .
In the Captains Forum by Sunday each week we will now also update you on who plays who & where. We trust this more dynmic way will make it easier and avoid confusion, Please also regularly check the web updated version of the Season Schedules. 
Notice Board version are now out of date given 2 significant changes during initial settling in period. Theseversions should no longer be used except as a guide to see what was planned and for quick access to contact information.  
We do need to reorganise matches to fill gaps which we negotiate with teams as we go forward until it is all stable. Generally, we will try to stick to the non-impacted parts of the schedule, where there are no conflicts . 

Please let us know if there any issues 

Note: that as updated web schedule in the link above shows each team's  H (home) or A (away)
To the right of each Team, the match location is just before the score box of each round in each half