Thursday 1 December 2016

Wednesday Round 3

Here is the Round 3 Result & Standings.  Use this Link to get final updates.  This link shows changes to Play Next detail as captain re-confirm his later .
In the Captains Forum by Sunday each week we will now also update you on who plays who & where. We trust this more dynmic way will make it easier and avoid confusion, Please also regularly check the web updated version of the Season Schedules. 
Notice Board version are now out of date given 2 significant changes during initial settling in period. Theseversions should no longer be used except as a guide to see what was planned and for quick access to contact information.  
We do need to reorganise matches to fill gaps which we negotiate with teams as we go forward until it is all stable. Generally, we will try to stick to the non-impacted parts of the schedule, where there are no conflicts . 

Please let us know if there any issues 

Note: that as updated web schedule in the link above shows each team's  H (home) or A (away)
To the right of each Team, the match location is just before the score box of each round in each half

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