Tuesday 14 May 2019

Round 7 Songkran Season 2019 Update After Catch-ups

To end the week, we got a real treat walking into Hustlers to find an impromptu world-class pool match underway. A wonderful unexpected night unfolded when our very own Stuart Pettman had some friends drop in for a visit, as they happened to be in the area.

Mika Immonen, Jonas Ohtonen and Brian Corvez had just got off a plane from a trade show in China. and came straight to Hustlers for a catch up with Stuart. It became like an old-home week later when Stephen Lee also arrived. What is so special about all these guys is they have been or still rank as top players on the planet.

It was no surprise that around 8PM Sunday night a World Championship match began. 
This kind of happening clearly makes Hustlers and Bangkok the choice of champions. That is a status that for many years Hustlers have been proud of and continue to foster so generously. 

Many of our social leagues' community were there too and we got great reinforcement to our ambition to keep alive our initiative for a permanent series to make Bangkok the recognized capital of Pool in Asia.

We can take pride that these players connected with our social community with great interest and so graciously. Those lucky enough to be there got the benefit of seeing them play and learned much more about how current and past world champions all interact and behave in a high level socially competitive pool match.

Cambodia Trip - Report on the Event

If you missed the first of our International Master series in Phnom Pehn then you missed a great weekend. 

The longhand version to acknowledge our sponsor was Cue Sports Thailand Invitation Masters Pool Asia Challenge Tournament

On Thursday, April 11, our Bangkok Team faced the PP Parrots at Hops Craft Beer Garden for the invitation match. The result was a draw although some thought we were slightly ahead. But who cares as both sides were skeleton level due to the holiday season and it turned out to be great fun. 

On Saturday we had the second bout with the BWA match at Sharky's Pool hall. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed that too. 

One upset was 2 rank outsiders, who for their own protection will remain nameless. They turned up to the match after having consumed a bottle of whiskey around the hotel swimming pool. In the interests of being social, they were allowed to play. Oddly being so relaxed they then proceeded to take on all comers to win their legs with some new found amazing skills. 

One unfortunate situation being a holiday weekend was Phnom Pehn was unusually blessed with pickpockets. As no-one carried a phone to get stolen, we have very few photos.

Will we do it again? Absolutely!! We learned a great deal by doing to make our plans for regular international tournaments a routine reality to make Bangkok the Capital of Asia for Pool. 

Team News

Two new teams will join us shortly. 

Scandic Restaurant & Sports Bar in a Sukhumvit Soi 22 is to be a new member of our family, Starting with a very high standard they have brand new Rhino Sports 8 Foot table upstairs that our players will all enjoy playing on with their team.

Scandic Restaurant & Bar at 7:30 on May 21, will have a special event featuring world champion Jimmy White playing an exhibition match with 15-year-old Thai prodigy Phaa Himanpoo. This special event is a great way to visit this new and exciting venue and sample the fare. 

As a bonus, you can also take a shot at winning a frame from Jimmy White. We hope to see you all there.  

O'Malleys in Silom is also preparing a new team to rejoin us.

As we have done in the past we will arrange friendlies in the bye slots so they can learn the ropes. Please make them both very welcome when they join the league. 

First-half position   

Rounds 6 & 7 were smooth with the pause week allowing for all outstanding matches to be played.

Here is how we teams stand now as we go into the second half

Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series

Here is the snapshot of BHQ results up to May 11.

The first deadlines to qualify is early June 
These web based results are maintained as an unofficial cross check to the official manifested at Hustlers that goes to players. Both results are updated and reconciled as matches are completed and can be seen in more detail on our web along with outstanding player matches also there   http://www.sukhumvitsocialpool.com/p/apc.html


In the foot of this post is the full list including hosting sponsors who make our league possible.

Our sponsors are our friends, many of whom also play in our teams. They invest time and resources in facilities and equipment and host our teams. Sponsorship pays for the trophies and running our league entirely. And all that for the price of a few drinks and buying their products when we need them.

The league regards this partnership as special and encourages players to support and recommend our sponsors as a first choice.

Cue Sports Thailand


You can find Cue Sports Thailand in Bangkok at Sportsman. They have a wide range of pool equipment; Rhino Tables, Cloths, Cues Accessories plus more. Visit their website to see their range and follow their Facebook Page for some great pool tips

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