Wednesday 5 June 2019

Round 10 Songkran Season 2019 Progress

Feature Story- Leo 9 Ball Challenge 

The third and last in the Leo 9 Ball Challenge Tournament Series, last weekend at Sports Academy gave us fantastic treats to a highly enjoyable competition spectacle.   

Over the 2 days, we saw of the best of the best competing for the prize money put up by the sponsor Leo Beer. 

60 contenders participated in the event played in great spirit as an example to our social league players.

Fino Live Media televised it for all abroad to watch along with those of us who could get there to enjoy in person  

Congratulations Ramy Helmy and his team at Sports Academy for showing us another example of how to host a world-class event. 

The winners 
1. Stuart Pettman
2. Ruairi McCarroll

What's On this Week

Black Pagoda - Friday, June 7 

To celebrate the completion of their pool room refurbishment, Black Pagoda is having a pool tournament this Friday. That will be a tournament with a difference and not to be missed.

At this favorite we all enjoy a fun-filled pool night experience, Joe says to protect the innocent he will advise on the prizes separately but he did share that the promo prices are  95Baht for pints and 140 for bottles 

Hope to see you all there. Dress code is optional

Hangout - Cabaret Friday, June 7 

Noi and May are celebrating 3 years as owners at Hangout. But in true Noi and may style they will have a cabaret as a feature. I for one want to see that. Hope to see you there.

You can figure out how you will get to both great events. If you can don't count on some incredible fun and not on an early night!  

Moonshine - Saturday, June 8 

Another favorite is gormandizing at one of Wassana and Mitch's Moonshine Parties and this week we will have a big treat in store. 

Moonshine is turning 16 on Saturday and will have a Sweet 16 Birthday party to top all parties. Everyone will be there so don't miss it unless you have a really good excuse.

Team News and Vibes

Blast from the past 

For the last few weeks while BP pool room was being refurbished. we enjoyed BP home matches at The Old Other Office in Silom, a long-standing popular pool venue from the past. 

P' Pan and P' Jum, yes, the same husband and wife owners who opened it so many years ago are still there and say still love the pool community. P Jum even loaned me his cue for the night. 

Their huge heirloom venue full of memorabilia and a 9-foot table takes you back in time. They say they are now too old to play matches anymore but clearly they still stand out as wonderful hosts. Thanks, Old Other Office and P' Pan and P' Jum for hosting.

Deferring matches 

With the holidays and breaks recently some teams are having trouble mustering with players momentum and availability affected.
It is tough to muster a team and then keep it viable with so many now traveling more. 

Smaller teams are also making it less viable for venues who must look for other ways to pay the rent especially if a team repeatedly fails to show up.  Nothing to be concerned about but teams should do their best to keep to the routines and muster a full team by asking for help if needed. 

There are quite a few byes which do give options that can solve a team gap and make a match a bit different. Don't just take the easy way out. In the years we have been a league it is rare we can't find some players or a solution so a match can go ahead.  

Our league and the commercial value we get works well when we maintain the rhythm. Hence timely respect for each is needed so last minute cancellations don't stretch that.  Call a team direct and don't expect others to do it or have then read about in the forum thread. 

Here are the catchups from the cancelations for the last 3 rounds. 
There were potentially 2 more matches that would have been canceled this week, but for respective captain's cooperation with a mitigation plan meant all was well  

For the 10 Venues and 20 teams listed here with upwards of 80-100 players, they had their plans disrupted. By any standard that is unhealthy.



Let's get it back on track so it stays fun for everyone. 

Scores Updating

Some results snapshot in this newsletter may not be included if a host team responsible missed the 10am deadline. 

Please note, any team who does not submit results on time risks forfeiting the match. The verification deadline is 7 days after the submission deadline. 

Most do it routinely but there can be mishaps. Doing the paperwork can be a burden so we make it as simple as we can. Then there can be no excuses. But bear in mind too the system that keeps it simple does not have much heart for tardiness. 

Next season when we merge the leagues we will change to using Reto's tool which will log player results too. That will make admin even simpler with match results posted as part of that process. 

With all that being said no-one wants to see a team forfeited because they are human. So if you have any issue on submission please contact any of the league admin team, ie Gordon John Jack or Peter. 


We all know that coaching a player in a game is not allowed. In the early years of the league, we allowed it to encourage players to learn.  

But when it became disruptive we reverted to use the international no coaching rules as our standard. 

Enforcing rules can become misunderstood and disruptive especially when a captain under pressure intervenes. So one way to defuse is to call time out first. Simply stopping the game while Captains confer can be more productive.  

Most players once committed to a shot find it very distracting to get unsolicited advice even from a doubles teammate. Any interruption from another teams member or the opponent could be considered out of order. If a spectator interjects it is also disenfranchising so the best practice is to be silent and let the player decide the shot then deal with any training later if needed. 

Be aware it is not coaching if a player asks his captain for clarification of rules. E.g player new to 9 Ball may require some explanations. 

But using live examples to answer a player in a way it also advises how to win the shot may be construed as coaching. 
In the end tolerance respect and a nonconfrontational approach on both sides avoids misunderstandings and unhealthy reactions.  

Round 10 Position   

Rounds 8 9 & 10 like a good marriage for those who played it was all smooth. Here is how we teams stand now. 

Some results may not be posted if the host team responsible missed the 10am deadline. Please note that a team who do not submit results on time risks forfeiting the match. The verification deadline is 7 days after the submission deadline.

Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series

Here is the snapshot of BHQ results up to June 3, 2019

The first deadlines to qualify is June 10

These web-based results are maintained as an unofficial cross-check to the official manifested at Hustlers that goes to players. Both results are updated and reconciled as matches are completed and can be seen in more detail on our web. Outstanding player matches are also there


In the foot of this post is the full list including hosting sponsors who make our league possible.

Our sponsors are our friends, many of whom also play in our teams. They invest time and resources in facilities and equipment and host our teams. Sponsorship pays for the trophies and running our league entirely. And all that for the price of a few drinks and buying their products when we need them.

The league regards this partnership as special and encourages players to support and recommend our sponsors as a first choice.

Cue Sports Thailand

You can find Cue Sports Thailand in Bangkok at Sportsman. They have a wide range of pool equipment; Rhino Tables, Cloths, Cues Accessories plus more. Visit their website to see their range and follow their Facebook Page for some great pool tips

Black Pagoda
Pat Pong
Suk 13
Suk 22
Suk 22

Suk 43/3

Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk Rd Times Square Building Soi 12 -14
Suk 22 Sub 1

Soi 8 sub 2
Herrity’s Irish Pub Bangkok
Soi 33/1
Moonshine Pub
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 23
Suk 13
Suk 13
Suk 20
Suk  7/1

Suk 2
Suk 33
Suk 20 Lane
Suk 22- Sub 2
Suk Rd  13-15

A Foreign Affair Thailand
Introduction Agency
AFA Thailand
Shernox Group  
Business Planning

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