Friday 14 June 2019

Round 11 Songkran Season 2019 Update and more

Feature Stories 

Hangout Cabaret

Last week Noi and May celebrated 3 years as owners at Hangout. In true Noi and May style, their cabaret feature turned out to be a really fun show to a packed house. My photos are not so good but a really great night was had by all. We were all so impressed at the boldness of these two popular venue owners trying something new. 

Congratulations and well-done Hangout

Black Pagoda Re-Opening 

To celebrate the completion of their pool room refurbishment to add 2 new tables to make it a 3 first class table venue, Black Pagoda had a pool tournament.  I was in time for the last few playoffs. The overall winner was Paul Gregory and runner up was Len Stokes. 

In Black Pagoda tradition the winners and everyone all enjoyed more than we dare tell you about in case you get jealous. It was all good fun that no-one would be embarrassed to tell you about later. 

Congratulations Joe Delaney who arranged the night and Black Pagoda for creating a swish new pool room we can enjoy for a long time to come. 

Moonshine 16th-anniversary party 

That was another great event. I got there at 8Pm on Saturday night for half an hour before I went to catch my flight. Sorry, I had no time to get a pics but for those who attend Moonshine, parties know the table, as usual, was groaning from all the delicious food.  I had to elbow my way in as it seemed everyone was there for another great night and a delight to be there to see everyone enjoying themselves. 

Congratulations Wassana, Mitch and Moonshine Team 

Round 11 Position   

Here are the ladder positions that show how comp teams stand. 
Some results may not be posted if the host team responsible missed the 10am deadline. Please note that a team who do not submit results on time risks forfeiting the match. The verification deadline is 7 days after the submission deadline.

Season Runout 

Bear in mind for the final 3 rounds catchups and any ongoing cup series for this season, the 3 match rule applies. I.E a high-grade player who has not already played 3 matches in a league team in the same comp by round 11 cannot be introduced to a team in that comp without the opponent's approval. This is to discourage any unhealthy practice to try to win a trophy using new players. 

Bangkok Heat Qualifying Series

The first deadlines to qualify is ืnow June 16 after the weekend
Above are the progress results at midday Friday, Jun 14. Final matches will be played over the weekend. 


The week Pizza Mania renewed their valued sponsorship to support the pool community and especially its efforts to send a team to the APC this year. 

Russell Davis, the Founder and Managing director of Pizza Mania Bangkok has been a social league and APC sponsor for several years. 

Pizza Mania is now a favourite for players and featured on many of our bars and sports venue menus, including Hustlers, Sportsman and Sports Academy and more. 

Check out their Pizza's Menu for home delivery. 

Pizza Mania at ​​02-261-1212 

Pizza Mania as a startup is a success story we welcome in our community. We truly want them to prosper and grow from their long-standing sponsorship and support for us. 

Thanks to you Russell and your Pizza Mania team from SSPL and our wider our pool community friends.  


In the foot of this post is the full list including hosting sponsors who make our league possible.

Our sponsors are our friends, many of whom also play in our teams. They invest time and resources in facilities and equipment and host our teams. Sponsorship pays for the trophies and running our league entirely. And all that for the price of a few drinks and buying their products when we need them.

The league regards this partnership as special and encourages players to support and recommend our sponsors as a first choice.

Cue Sports Thailand

You can find Cue Sports Thailand in Bangkok at Sportsman. They have a wide range of pool equipment; Rhino Tables, Cloths, Cues Accessories plus more. Visit their website to see their range and follow their Facebook Page for some great pool tips

Call Pizza Mania at 
​​02-261-1212 or order via

Black Pagoda
Pat Pong
Suk 13
Suk 22
Suk 22

Suk 43/3

Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk Rd Times Square Building Soi 12 -14
Suk 22 Sub 1

Soi 8 sub 2
Herrity’s Irish Pub Bangkok
Soi 33/1
Moonshine Pub
Suk 22 Queens Park Plaza
Suk 23
Suk 13
Suk 13
Suk 20
Suk  7/1

Suk 2
Suk 33
Suk 20 Lane
Suk 22- Sub 2
Suk Rd  13-15

A Foreign Affair Thailand
Introduction Agency
AFA Thailand
Shernox Group  
Business Planning

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