Tuesday 26 September 2017

Monday Round 2 Results. Winter 2018 Season

Pictured below is the Ladder after Monday when All Matches were played on schedule. Download Ladder https://goo.gl/EO1Pjt Team detail https://goo.gl/2iY1zF
This week we began live testing a new Google Forms based results updatng process. This lets Host Captians post their match results direclty to the web; and replaces an admin person having to do that and then recheck etc. 
We are thrilled to be catching up to other leagues who do this already. It not only standardises our results reporting, but it also removes the quite an arduous admin effort that none of us want.  
So far so good this round. Luck was it went very smoothly. Our fully automated process with obsolutely no manual overides or issues, so far, also needed virtually no training. 
It may be just one small step for mankind! Thanks to all those who jumped in and made it work. Special mention to Johnny Walker and Ben T for their QA and Testing work. 

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