Thursday 19 October 2017

Wednesday Round 4 Results. Winter 2017/18 Season

Here is Round 4 Wednesday Scores and Ladder updates. One match, Sportsman Exiles vs Ice Breakers  was  deferred . 

Links: Ladder Team detail  Please note next week we have a break with Next Round Matches resuming on Oct 30 and Nov 1

And well done everyone for getting your scores posted on time. A perfect run today, allowing for traffic holding up Cher Ami, one of the carrier pigeons, just a tad. 

Just for fun I did a crude chart of our Hot Shots match, hosted at Pickled Liver Pub, to compare the win rates and see if I could spot why we lost.
The first left is Hot Shots 43% bar followed by 5 individuals win rate bars. Moonshine's 57% bar is followed by their 4 players individual win rates bars is on the right..

Being neck and neck at game 25 Moonshine, then they found some extra energy. The chart hides that but it does show clearly that one person made a huge difference.

We also a load of fun trying to take the match off them, and trying to stop her doing more damage, before they pulled out all stops to win at game 30. A truly great night played in great spirit.

Doing the rounds today I heard Breakers, Sporstman, Moderation Bar, Club 15, The Mexican and Spankys Me all hosted great nights of playing fun in what we generally, similar close matches .

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