Monday 16 October 2017

Cup Knock-Out 1 Results and Round 2 Draw

The CUP Series Monday and Wednesday matches kicked of successfully this week, with all league teams combined in this competition. This results table show Winners moved to the 2nd CUP round and those knocked out moved to the Plate 1 to be played on 13th and 15th Nov 2017 which is now also drawn.

This table here shows the draw for Elimination 2 pairings for the next 4 CUP matches and 4 Plate matches for both nights.

Draw rules applied are the first drawn team in a pairs are at home, except where;
  1. in the first round the drawn team was at home and their drawn opponent was away, 
  2. a team has two home or away games in one week, 
  3. a teams has three consecutive games on the calendar, 
  4. a teams plays the same teams for consecutive calendar weeks at the same location, 
  5. a table conflict occurs. 
When any of these exceptions occur, a swap is required to rectify, along with impacts in the overall drawn order .

Team highlighted in Red font have been adjusted for location balancing (1). One conflict had to be resolved ( 4) where Moonshine and Tigra where scheduled at Moonshine twice, once in the Cup and then in Round 7. They have agreed to swap locations, so Round 7 is away and round 14 is now home at Moonshine. 

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