Wednesday 11 April 2018

Round 4 Summer 2018 and Round 5 Songkran Progress

Round 5 results are still in progress over 2 weeks during the Songkran Holiday break. Team rank standings and pending matches can be reviewed on the web Ladder

The following matches are:

Played in advance

Round 6 Wed  9 Ball  Pickled Hot Shots vs Club 15 as substitute for Moderation Round 1 deferment


Round 1 Mon  Mixed COOL vs AM  - Wed 18 April  (this week)
Round 1 Wed  9 Ball  PICKLED HOTSHOTS  vs MODERATION - May 7 (half season break)
Round 2 Wed  9 Ball  COUNTRY ROAD vs PICKLED HOTSHOTS - Wed 18 April  (this week)
Round 4 Mon  8 BALL MOONSHINE vs Sportsman BB deferred to May 7 (Mid season break)

Total of 4 catch up matches 2 Monday 2 Wednesday Plus 5 of 12 matches remain on round 5

Here are the remaining round 5 matches plus 1 catch up scheduled this week.

Ladder (Round 4 Snapshot) 

This shows ranking based on completed  matches Deferred as No play or No score matches are highlighted

Match Scores

All Matches for Round 5 

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