Thursday 29 March 2018

Round 3 Summer 2018

Round 3 was completed with all matches played. Reports were that matches were loads of good fun. It was great to see some pictures sharing that too.
This week we added a team drill function on the ladder and updated the phone menu.

You can now just click on your team name on the ladder to see  your remaining fixture and scores for matches played, plus more.

Ladder (Snapshot at 11am)

Match Scores (as entered to Cerros)

Results above as emailed have since been updated to reflect changes to Moonshine Monday 8 Ball as 9 2 changed to 9 13  and 9 Ball as 11.17 changed to 17.11   

Ladder above reflects these updated and is aa revised version of what was previously posted 

Looking good there Bill. And well done on your team win Parmi 

On you smart phone open the web and select Phone Menu . You will get this narrow formatted menu. You can save that as app-link to your Home Screen which shows up as a button. Both IOS and Android have this feature.  You will then always have access to the latest SSPL fixtures and updates which is the source of what we posy on LINE groups 
Once the ladder is updated automatically for each round submissION by home teams, CERROS is  IS resent for the next round no later than Friday evening. That sets all the next round matches up for scoring. In line with past practice we also publish that information on the Caption Forum in the LINE Group each weekend no later than Sunday afternoon 

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