Friday 2 March 2018

Summer 2018 - Captain's Briefing Mar 7 - Season Mar 12

The Captains meeting is Wednesday March 7th at Moonshine at 7:30

This will include a review of the seasons fixtures and a briefing on new items such as competitions, new rules and other format updates. Fees are due by season start and should be paid at the meeting.

The Summer 2018 season gets underway on March 12th

Peter Moore has reviewed the rules and done some clean ups. Please take the time to read through them before the meeting. There are some changes that Peter will also brief you on at the meeting.

 Captains not able to come should send their representative. Team members and especially new teams are very welcome.All teams must be represented

The tables below are dynamic drafts being updated as we get new information. In order they are:
  1. Fixtures and Team Info 
By Venue & location with contacts and teams referencing
By host so you can see all same venue matches grouped. e.g shared tables
By competition so you can see the teams in each. 
  1. Rules 
  2. Score Sheet Forms 

1. Fixture in Venues / Teams Order

2. Fixture Competitions / Teams Order

3. Venues Locations, Contacts and Teams

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