Thursday 24 December 2015

Seasons Greetings

As we break for Traditional Festivals and see the New Year in, we truly wish our fantastic Sukhumvit  Social  Pool  League community & friends a relaxing time to regenerate for a restart in January 2016 and those travelling a safe journey.

It was pleasing to see that most teams played catch-up matches from last week and prior.
Breakers Bomb could not field a team for the round 6 catch-up match rescheduled for this week, so it did not proceed.  Given the time of year as extenuating circumstances, the committee would prefer the match played and no later than end of Jan 2016
To bring you right up to date, on this page are the latest standings for both comps. 
All 9 Ball catch-up matches are listed in this tracking table pictured first. Wednesday 9 Ball Standings as updated is next followed by the Monday Mixed which is unchanged. 
9 Ball catch -up tracking

Summary guidelines for match deferment
Matches can only be deferred once. Without extenuating circumstances, if a team cannot play on the new date the match is declared a forfeit with points going to the opponent.
Deferring an original match to a later date can be done once, as a good faith option. This gives a requested captain discretion to agree the circumstances and gives the requesting team a choice to play later, thereby avoiding a forfiet..
Match rescheduling must be done no later than 24 hours before it is due to be played, This gives time to allow for alternatives and / or mitigation,  
All deferred matches must be  played within 8 weeks. Any matches still not played at the end of the season must be played within 1 week after the normal schedule ends . 
Unless there are extenuating issues when a deferred match is not played for any other reason, it becomes a prima-facie forfeit against the team unable to play. 
Wednesday 9 Ball
Download detail

Monday Mixed results
Download as Spreadsheet  (Please note the amended format shows for each team in their standings position, last played and next round information, on the one line, consistent with the 9 Ball format)

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