Tuesday 6 September 2016

Round 16 Monday Summer 2016

Pictured below is an updated Monday dashboard plus tracking and match pending  download links.

Last night's matches saw 3 bottom half teams topple 3 top half teams in an exciting jostle for position late in the season with now just 2 weeks to go. 

Some suspect that watching the Bangkok Team win the Asia Pool Challenge In Vietnam gave the lowerer teams some good pointers. Interesting now is the race for top position in the bottom half too.

The next 2 rounds look tough as most top half teams play each other, with potential for an exciting finish to divide the trophies.  Lower teams note there is no wooden spoon trophy any more.  

Still unresolved is positioning of Country Boat who took over Rewind points at round 11. Depending on where they finish, to be fair, a suggestion is a play off with an extra couple of matches perhaps even at a neutral location selected by a draw. Same for Wednesday with SM Kungbon.

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