Saturday 29 October 2016

Captain's Meeting - 7PM November 3rd 2016 - Sportsman Upstairs

There will be a Captain's New Season Orientation meeting on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at Sportsman Upstairs. We will start at 7.00pm and plan to cover the main business by around 8PM so events elsewhere can proceed.
Sportsman will have a free BBQ for us, that everyone can tuck into, and a happy hour. If you aren't scheduled elsewhere, feel free to stay on longer for a chat or a game or two.
It is important each team captain or a representative attend. For the upcoming season, we have quite a lot of new teams joining us and we want them to feel very welcome. There is plenty of space in that room, so Captains feel free to bring others, if it helps you with your team communication. 
Together we also want to go over our rules and make sure everyone is connected and the protocol for using the Captains LINE group is understood, We will also discuss how we score and report match results and how captains have wide discretion on managing rules during matches. 
We would also like some feedback on scoring systems and any other matters so we can clarify what works well or otherwise, to keep matches alive and always fun.
The expanded schedules, which will still be as draft, will need clarifications so they can be completed and distributed in time for a smooth start on Nov 14.   
There are now 5 comps to manage, expanded from last season's 3, They include two comps on Monday and Wednesday and one of Thursday. For that we also want to discuss how we can have separate co-ordinators who can work together on ways we might mix them together and even add new or replace teams during the season, to keep it all fun. 
The night is also about us all getting comfortable as an expanded Sukhumvit Social Pool League to sustain our social mantra and highly transparent flavour of support for each other.  We know that has made it all work as a community we all enjoy. 
The committee will meet prior to  this, on Monday 31st Oct at 7PM Pickled Liver to plan the agenda and the Last season Trophy Presentation night, deferred and now on Wednesday, Nov 9th

In summary here are the dates restated:

Mon,   Oct 31 7PM - Committee - Planning Meeting at Pickled Liver Suk Soi 7/1
Thur,   Nov 3, 7PM - Captain New Season Orientation Meeting at Sportsman Upstairs Suk Soi 13
Wed,   Nov 9, 8PM  - Trophy Presentation Event at Hangout Bar - Queens Park Plaza Suk Soi 22

Gordon Wood

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