Saturday 19 November 2016

Upcoming Events

To keep faith with our social mantra, here are a few upcoming social events , being run or sponsored by some in our League community .

 1. Why Not Bar Grand Opening tonight - Saturday 19th Nov 8.

After a great soft opening and a couple of pool matches under their belt this week it should be a great night. Call in anytime after 8 till late to enjoy this new something different bar with a great atmosphere. 

 2. Moonshine Thanks-Giving-Party - Thursday 24th Nov.

This is the 14th year, Mitch & Wassana will host their famous thankyou to the community event. 
The pool table will serve as a giant gourmet delights buffet for the free flow food that does no stop coming all night. You can get there early so you have time for 2nd and3rd helpings.  And the cost is nothing except you just pay for drinks at no more than Moonshine's normal prices. So drink up and have fun!!! Perhaps an extra tip for the staff who work hard for free preparing the food, I do know they appreciated that. 

3. Scottish Ball - Amari Watergate - Saturday, Nov 26th Nov   

This is a Gala Dress Up Event, which promises to be Grand . There are still some tickets. Sue is organising some tables, If you would like to join or make up a group, just contact us. e.g by PM me (Gordon) on LINE. 

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