Monday 31 July 2017

SSPL and Jomtien Pool Challenge August 10th

A SSPL fun tournament is planned in Jomtien  against  Country Rood tournament on Aug 10.  We still have slots  for anyone who would like  to join the tournament or just come for fun. The event starts  Thursday August 10th and Friday August 11th.

Thursday will be a meet and greet at Bootleggers in Jomtien and Friday will be the fun pool comp at Country Rd with entertainment and live music also  provided by venue.

There are lots of hotels in Jomtien and Pattaya in general and also some rooms still available at Country Road priced at 700 and 900 baht each night or  make  your own plans.

We may get 1 or 2 mini buses depending on numbers. Some are  driving too so please let us know if you have room for any passengers. i have 2 spaces left  We have also set up a FB Group for those coming and arranged transport / private card   leave from Sportsman at around 1 PM Thursday. Some may stay longer so getting back will depend but the mini bus will be coming back  Saturday morning

Please let me, Joe or Robert  know ASAP  and we will coordinate to add you to the FB group and help get  you sorted out with transport etc

if you fancy a fun trip  just let us know so we can add  you to the  teams.

Cheers Gordon

Let the fun begin. Here's whose coming so far and we have 1 mini bus book

1, Joe Veriato
2, Bob Randle -  Mini Bus booked (share)
3, Ronny Jacobsen
4, Robert Dagger 
5, Jay Mirchandani
6, Gordon Wood - Car. 2 seats still  free.
7, Johnny Walker
8, David Jordan -Car but leave late Thurs.
9, Hermann Hoermonger

A few more have said they're interested

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