Friday 10 November 2017

Moonshine Pub 16th Thanksgiving Party

From Gaz & Mitch

This is without a doubt a day not to be missed. Hope those available can attend. 

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the good fortune that has blessed us in 2017. 

Moonshine Pub houses hollowed grounds, many have had boundless gifts of love & happiness bestowed upon them within these sacred walls. 

The splendid homemade style food offerings from Wassana & Mitch cast the aura of the evening, an outpouring of love, kindness & gratitude. One ongoing for 16 years----a Bangkok Tradition extraordinaire!!

Come and join us to celebrate Moonshine Thanksgiving 2017. And the scrumptious dinner is all free from Wassana & Mitch. Show you love & appreciation by bombarding the sexy staff with an abundance of drink orders & generous tips.

It's quite a show to watch the marvelous dinner table unfold in elegant glory. Come early.....

6pm for Cocktail Hour.and the Dinner bell rings at 7pm. 


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