Saturday 11 August 2018

Kegs World CUP Final and all EOS Results

What a fantastic exciting week of finals!! On Monday at Sportsman we had 5 finals 
At Hustlers on  Wednesday we had 3. all were supported by a large contingent of runner up teams. 

Thanks to Bunny from Hustlers for the Kegs Hustlers Finals Photos. 
Here is a LINK to see them all and down load what you like 

Thanks to P Som from Club 15 for the Kegs Sportsman Finals  Photos.
here is a LINK to see them all and down load what you like

It is interesting how much energy goes onto our pool league. Look at the stats and imagine, with 122,000 balls potted last seasons, how many kilometers are walked around tables to achieve that. Maybe the calories burned balance out on the 4000 litres of drinking too. It must be good for us if 200 people keep doing it every week.

We are blessed with a league which is so much more than just being about winning. In a "once in, no way out community deal", its natural harmony sees people helping each other unconditionally and any issues get sorted in such a positive ways, so we not only learn but get better. That natural bond and the trust we build by challenging each other in social pool team matches where everyone is involved, is what makes it so much fun, so it just works.

Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful season  The Presentation party is on 20th of August from 8 PM at CLUB 15. The details are on our face book page. We will then do it all again, staring Sept 3. The fixtures will be out soon.

Ok, so here's where we ended up for the whole season including KEGS

KEGS Finals - Progress shows some close matches

Season Results 

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