Thursday 29 November 2018

Round 12 Update SSPL 2018 Challenge Season

This pineapple turkey at Moonshine Pub last week for Thanksgiving tells the story of how seriously we take our pool league. It seems we are always all together supporting the community as much as Wassana Mitch and Staff when they put on this annual event.

We are saddened this week to see Nick Wetzel sold Pickled Liver and he hands over this Saturday, Dec 1. Yes, that's this week.  But before does he has planned, one a final night tomorrow with Lee Shamrock doing his magic. It will be a farewell and last chance to enjoy with Nick as host, the famous lounge of Bangkok. Not sure but he may even introduce us to the new owner. Like Moonshine and others, the parties at Picked Liver are some of the best. Hope to see everyone there.  

Rules It's just 2 round to go with a catch-up week in between for the final race to the top. We all know the rules, are to get all outstanding matches played before Round 14 starts and no deferrals after that. And a forfeit will cost you a place on the ladder and a trophy if you are up for one so make sure you can show up. Talking of rules Peter Morre has been busy cleaning up some of the wording and the overview page has a more comprehensive layout on managing matches. Go take a look.

We do have so much fun in our league with the social spirited challenges we all enjoy That starts and ends with the respect we have for each other and great environment our sponsors give us as part of what we all contribute as friends, to make it work.  We also know that when it gets close as it is now with long odds being given for many tops and second race positions still up for grabs,  we need to take special care not to spoil it all with marginal tactics.

Here are the results for this week Round 12 matches and next round 13 fixture



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