Saturday 6 July 2019

Review Round 13 Positions

Review Wednesday Round 13 

Talk about close encounters of the Third Kind. The liquid in the ladder after the catchup matches this week has put some long shots with the bookies to make the top places wide open.

Take a look at this now to see how all the teams all stand

I wonder if Stephen Speilberg is watching the attempts to get back from a Bermuda triangle.  After Mod sneaked a win on Wednesday, and Moonshine Oldies on Friday that put paid to Hangover chances.

Hustlers United likewise for the Wednesday Red are in the same Bermuda Triangle position. To get out of it they must play the catchup against Day & Night before they play Crazy breakers. Both opponents want the chance to get some runs on the board and are keen to play.

We all know that a team forfeiting denies them any chance to win a trophy. It is simply not fair as is unfairly fielding new players next week. If a team does field anyone who has not played 3 matches by round 11 it will be a pity as they may forfeit their match.

Be aware too that R14 must be played next week and cannot be deferred. So please play your matches.

Team score sheets are on the web so please give them the once over in case there are some issues you might have missed and let me know by Sunday so we can have them fixed. Scores must be checked before going into round 14. That applies to both Monday and Wednesday.

Review Monday Round 13

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