Friday 22 July 2016

Second Half Starts Next Week - Round 10

After a couple of weeks break for the holidays and to allow catch up matches to be played, next week we start back in the run up to decide who tkaes the Summer 2016 Premiership trophies.   
Here are the current comp line-ups for next week taken for standing pages

Joing in the race for the glory of playing pool in our social league and a channce to take out a Trophy to is a new Thursday comp with 4 new teams and 3 new venues. This are  also starting next week. The details in a separate post. 
Anyone playing in one of other of the Monday and Wednesday comps is welcome to join in with them too. 
All note that of you do play in more than one team or comp all games played will count toward your personal performance standing being compiling commencing with this seaon, using all matches games records of all comps.    

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