Thursday 28 July 2016

Round 10 Wednesday Summer 2016

Here is Wednesday updated dashboard There are no pending matches. Download tracking detail here.

Don't forget tonight Thursday, July 28, 2016, the new competition begins at 2 Sukhumvit venues. Queen Vic on soi 23  will host Sportsman SOS and at Kiwi Bar on Soi 8 will hosts Hooters.

Please go to support the teams and welcome then to our league.

For the ongoing playing schedule, see the "Fixtures" page. Standings  will be on "Thursday" with the "Rules" also amended to be fully inclusive.
If you are interesting in playing on Thursday night, please contact one the venues or any of the committee.
Queen Victoria          -  Soi 23 - Captain Brent
Sportsman SOS        -  Soi 13 - Captain Bob Randle
Kiwi Pub                     -  Soi  8  - Captain Jason
Hooters                       -  Soi  4  - Captain Matt

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