Thursday 14 December 2017

Round 10 Results. Winter 2017/18 Season

Round 10 results 

For some Santa came early this week with gifts of some great games. 

Here is the Ladder and results for both nights when all matches were played

For team details link to Results Pages.



Cup matches will be played next week and then after a recess League matches resume on Jan 8 2018

Pending Matches


  1. SPM Stoned vs Breakers Fun R9 
  2. Exiles vs SPM Stoned R8 
  3. Exiles vs Ice Breakers R4

Please note that a rematch date must be agreed within 7 days of the deferment and played in accordance with match etiquette. This applies to both teams regardless of who deferred. 

CUP Series Matches 

Please also note that the cup matches next next week may have some changes on dates as teams are finding it hard to find players. please check you opponent is ready to play this week and keep the host informed If you also tell me I will update this live in item 5 the Matches & results menu

What's On

Some of our Host Sponsors have used our new What's On Tab on our website to update upcoming events . Please let your teams know about this hopefully useful addition with place to go to see What's On and Where. 

Here are this weeks additions. so far 
Fri Dec 15  
Pickled Liver Pub 
A Surprise Celebrity is in town this week and will a guest of honor at The Pickled Liver Pub tomorrow . There will be live music too with Lee Shamrock from 9 PM and then even more fun. Its a bit of a secret so tell everyone you can to come but also tell them not to let the cat out of the bag. For more go to Pickled Liver Pub What's On

Sport Corner
Sport Corner us one of our leagues favorite meeting place venues. Tomorrow Steve Lavendar and his team are hosting a Xmas party which is a must to attend if you are one of the many who love his place. For more go to Sport Corner What's On 

This year Xmas Dinner on Dec 25 will have choices of places to go. But like family at Christmas some might like to visit both.

i.e Moonshine Pub - What's On 

Sportsman Restaurant & Bar - What's On

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