Thursday 7 December 2017

Wednesday Round 9 Results. Winter 2017/18 Season

Here are the Round 9 Wednesday results, which exclude the Sportsman Stoned vs Breakers match, which was deferred. 

Matches pending are: 

  1. SPM Stoned vs Breakers Fun R9 
  2. Exiles vs SPM Stoned R8 
  3. Exiles vs Ice Breakers R4

Please note that a rematch date must be agreed within 7 days of the deferment and played in accordance with match etiquette. This applies to both teams regardless of who deferred. 

For team details link to Results Pages.

I already advised you of couple of birthday events on this week of note . here it is again in case you forgot to pass this on to your teams. 

Fri Dec 8 Pickled Liver
Yes, the identical twins Nick Wetzel and John Doyle are 21 again. They say they have something special planned too so don't miss this one.
 Sat Dec 9 Hideaway Bar -

I know it is hard to believe it's Jacks Birthday again. But there is no way you can miss this in case its his last.  
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