Thursday 1 February 2018

Round 14 Results EOS Party and Upcoming Season Dates

Our last round Wednesday 9 Ball, and Monday Mixed this week, were reported as brilliantly enjoyable with skill, good luck and a decent measure of good fun tossed into the mix.

All top place winners should be proud of achieving and are to be congratulate by us all.
Other teams should proud too knowing our code of practice is fair play so we always have a level chance to give our opponents our best shot to beat them.
That makes us all winners in a spirit where; “Rack’em Break.em and Pot’em is about more than just winning”

Congratulations to our four competition winners
Monday Mixed Format
Wednesday 9 Ball

Congratulations also go to everyone for an amazingly season.
Three of the competition place positions are final so congratulations to those teams.
Position 2.3 on Wednesday remain pending a catch up next week when we also have Cup catch ups
Round 14 Scores


Please mark your calendars for these key dates and places to be 

Catch up matches 

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