Monday 2 September 2019

Songkran End of Season Party Welcomes Challenge Season Start

End of Season Presentation Party

This week, on Monday, Aug 26, it was party time for our Bangkok Pool Community End of Season Presentations Gordon Wood kicked it off with a welcome to our new and old friends then Johnny Walker and David Dickenson took front and centre spot to lead proceedings with comedian Tristan Bortly for some humour to start us off.

Here are some of the photos in a Library Album our website- Please upload and good ones you took

Over the years we have held this event at Hideaway, Crazy Hot, Pickled Liver, Dubliner, Moonshine, Hangout, Mexican, Breakers, Sportsman, Club 15, Country Road. and this season again at Sportsman Live lounge.

Around 300 individuals each week cause traffic jams heading to and from 20 or so venues for the season to win or lose a few hundred matches. We all play over 12000 racks and consume around 12-14000 drinks as we walk about 1000 km each around the tables.

To celebrate all that, this time we tried something different from our normal fun, with food drinks and dancing. Adding the comedy and Lee Shamrock to keep us entertained late into the night made it even more fun. We also managed to fit in the presentations of 20 Trophies and 200 medals and took time out for a charity fundraiser for the grieving family of Sanya Sayavong.

Charity Fund Raiser

Sanya was our much loved young and vibrant protege in our community who tragically died last Saturday, Aug 24, 2019. The generous donations from so many of our host venues during the proceeding enabled us to raise 41K in a charity auction and raffle This adds to the 90K already collected in a support fund organized by Jay Tiparat Uppasuk at Breakers and an event she ran at breakers on Thursday that saw that grow to over 200K

Songkran Season results

Just for the record here how it finished

Challenge Season Kickoff

With last season clear we all went to Hideaway to agree on the format rules and teams for the next one being Challenge Season which starts on Monday, September 2nd. That was the Captains’ kick-off meeting

Competitions Teams (Challenge Season Round Robin)

Next Week's Matches

Fixture for Challenge Season (Link)

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