Thursday 9 June 2016

Round 5 Wednesday Summer 2016

Here is the updated Wednesday dashboard. Matches pending and relocated are listed for all competitions. You can also Download the tracking sheet for more detail.
On the Monday Schedule in Round 6 next week, please note venue change for the Breakers vs. Hangout match now moved to Hangout.   The Wednesday scheduled is unchanged
Results for Round 4 Mexican  & Round 2 Sportsman Dubs incomplete matches with Sport20-2 have now been agreed and updated. The rules on scoring incomplete matches when one team." abandons is "The unplayed games go to the other team.See Guidelines reference 

  • one team abandons a match (e.g one team leaves due to lateness), the match is stopped. The win and unplayed games are then awarded to the other team.

  • a match is stopped by circumstances outside the control of teams, the captains may agree on a result or decide how to complete the match by rescheduling all or part of it. [e.g. play unfinished games]

  • both teams agree to shorten the match, any unplayed games are equally apportioned to maintain the relative win position.

There is no firm rule on lateness. A guideline on the top of the score sheet states “Captains to manage time to complete by 11:30 - 12:00”. Captains should agreed on how to do this before a match starts.

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