Tuesday 14 June 2016

Round 6 Monday Summer 2016

Here is the updated Monday dashboard. Matches pending and relocated are listed for all competitions. You can also Download the tracking sheet for more detail.

Matches Won applies for ranking order. (Previously Points) Where teams have the same number of match wins, Points apply. If Wins & Points are the same, Games Won applies.
How Calculation Bases are Derived: For % of games won the total Games played is based on 23 games per match played Match point % of Possible is based on 15 Points per Match played
Play Bonus Application : Added to Ladder points is 1 bonus point for each Match Played. (Previously 2 was used for now Point based ladder Therefore when a team still has a catch up match pending it will be rank lower that one with the same number of wins until the match is played. 

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