Sunday 30 April 2017

Party Time - You missed a great night if you missed it Here's who was there!!

The photos from  last  night are on our FaceBook Page. Roberto's are the good ones But good or bad, we know a picture is worth than 1000 words with smiles on everyone's face telling the story.

Remember we are famous until the new season starts next week. So get busy tagging yourself so you can be famous a bit longer.

Special thanks Johnny Walker. Having him as MC was fantastic. He also did all the planning so unselfishly to get it to happen. The Mexican and Pickled Liver too, pulled out all stops. Thanks Dennis & Bonnie  at The Mexican and Nick at the Pickled Liver  Thanks to Lenny Stokes for jumping in as Johnny's 2nd . That was Excellent.Staying the full 15 rounds to prove E = mc2.

Most of all thanks everyone for coming and enjoying yourselves. That's what it all about and you held up you end brilliantly with teams well represented. For those who could get there enjoy the pics!

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