Tuesday 9 May 2017

Season Kick off. Round 1 S2017

The season kick off went very smoothly over thew last 2 weeks as we dovetailed around holidays.

Welcome back to everyone in the variously reconstituted teams.  And a very warm welcome  to the 3 brand new starters; Tigra, Black Pagoda and Club 15.

To get things stated our spirited captains meeting at Hideaway 3 weeks ago saw everyone have a say in how we proceed with settling options for this season. The format and scoring was overwhelmingly decided to leave unchanged. It also ended up a great social night with many  going  to "Why Not" Bar to round off the night.
One key change this season will be an additional tournament after traditional trophy matches are completed . The trophy for this overall league championship will be decided in play-offs over 4 weeks. 

We had a late comer being "Pot Shots SM" a new Monday Blue Team. who fill the bye slot.
This is a composite of players from Wednesday Hot Shots - Dubs & SOS teams and some new players too A previously scheduled friendly proceeded so a catch up will be needed. 
The schedule is updated to include this change to replace the friendlies , plus a venue swap made by GF and TG is now reflected .  Please mark your wall copies to match.
Web results tables are operational on the respective tabs and each now has download links. We are working on improving mobile format, but generally the single table redesign should make that easier
Here for you reference is a List of Access Links that you may be used for quick access. I will add it to the Captains forum as a LINE note so you can also find it there. 
  1. .Fixture / Schedule  https://goo.gl/jkMx9e
  2.  Ladder - https://goo.gl/EO1Pjt
  3.  Match Results - https://goo.gl/2iY1zF
  4. Next Round  - https://goo.gl/wC0Rhb
  5. Blank Scoresheet Forms - https://goo.gl/4qSL2F
  6.  Rules - https://goo.gl/nvYOQZ
  7. Notices & Information Folder https://goo.gl/x3zwUo  
  8.  Submitted Scoresheets Folder https://goo.gl/4lQbJs
We are off to a really good start with basically no hiccups so lets make this the best season ever.

Best of luck to everyone.

Cheers Gordon Wood
For SSPL Admin and Planning Team

Here is the ladder for after round 1 for all Comps. (Link 2 above) 
The next round quick reference we send out each Sunday. it now  looks like this. If you are not Hosting your teams will be on the right side list as a visitor.  Please note there is no Wednesday's match this week due to the buddhist holiday. 

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