Saturday 19 May 2018

Round 8 Summer 2018 Results

Does this picture need replacing? Round 8 kicked off with some exciting matches.leaving just 6 rounds left and trophies coming into focus.

Ladder snapshots for round 8 follow in separate pictures, using a larger font. As usual please check them. You can get your team detail from the Live Ladder. Catch ups and advance play show at the foot.Thanks David Dickinson at  Club 15 for your suggestions.

If you are still having touble reading this on your subsciber email, here is the Web version

Moderation Drop Out Re-arrangements

Moderation teams dropping caused a fixture  imbalance, so changes made as follows .
  • Monday Day and Night team has now moved from 8 Ball to Mixed Blue to Moderation slot. That restores the 8 Ball Bye and the status quo is still 6 teams in 8 Ball 
  •  The Monday Day and Night vs Ice Breakers Monday match is now a friendly so Ice Breakers don’t have a % age advantage with an extra match others won't get.
  • Wednesday Day and Night is now moved to Moderation slot in the same Blue comp. That slot is paired with their now Monday slot to balance on their table. 
  • Having played Club 15 as a league match from the bye position that match is deemed that match and score as a round 11 match which is scheduled on that slot. The catch up with Pickled Hot Shots for round 1 is booked for after round 13.
Congratulations to both teams for nail biter The CF-CLUB 15 vs DAY & NIGHTresult was 16 -17   

Next Matches  (Round 9)


We will be starting the CUP series, after round 14 last home and away league match. Todd Guest is the co-coordinator working with the rest of the committee and will advise more on that shortly.

Scoring Explained

For new teams and players and those not clear our trophy qualifying is based on a composite Rank Score = Round Plays + Wins + Games Won %. This applies to all comps regardless of how we decide the round match win point. On Monday matches the round is awarded to the team with the majority of points awarded to the scored stages of the match played as discrete sets of games. Wednesday comps are an unstaged race with the winner the first to win 17 games. Season trophies are awarded to the teams with the most rounds won and most games won expressed as a rate.
Simply put 3 points make up a Trophy score. (row 6)  Each is awarded on separate criteria

For each Round Played:
Each team gets 1 point to measure continuous play. (row 5);
A Match win gets 1 for a win or 0 if not. (Row 2)
The games element is decimal value of games won of total games played %.age (Row 4)

For Monday Mixed and 8 Ball competitions, play is in sets. Points for these are weighted so matches are balanced on doubles and singles frames so a majority cannot be reached until at least 4 sets are played.
Games win ratios are combined with match win points each each round for ladder scoring, so all games and must be played.

Sets themselves are decided by majority of games won.The clean slate model to start the next set also makes it strategically fun.

Games on the other hand are measured in totality and added as a percent to the final match result so they count for the ladder

Knock Out Tournaments: The win on the night gets a team promoted. In Monday matches last season games did not count as a Knockout, unlike the round robin, is not a ranking system against the rest of the field.
Hence an option for a change sumbitted by 7 monday Captains last season after the CUP, is to combined the points and games so both points and game count for the match win against the opponent.

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