Thursday 31 May 2018

Round 10 Summer 2018 Results

Everyone wins in our league.  Win or lose we all get to enjoy a winners circle one way or another.

The battle for Round 10 ladder positions is no different and saw some great matches this week.

(For those sending photos that is great and very welcome to make this update more personal A tip I got to reduce graininess is "keep the phone camera high to cut down back and top light in shots".)

Please check your results detail on the Live Ladder.  
No scores are shown as #N/A. Catch-ups and scheduled dates are as listed at the foot:  Snapshots of results follow. If you are having trouble reading this in an email, try the web version



Catch Ups
Knockout Series The Knockout Cup series will start on July 9 and be played over several elimination rounds and finals. All Teams qualify with continuing play counter reset. The full list is below. Todd, John & Gordon, as the CUP Organising team, are reviewing feedback and ideas to improve on last season and will let you know more next week.
Editor's Note: This week we saw a subscriber email sent out that related to last season  It seems this post had been was stuck in email feed for those who subscribe to our web updates. For some reason, it decided to finally send it. Sorry if it caused confusion or bouts of de-ja-vu.

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Social Facilities & Equipment

  • Club 15 has a fully equipped disco that can be booked for nightclub style parties.  
  • Sportsman has a fully equipped live lounge available for large events and shows.
  • Sportsman supplies equipment, tables and re-clothing  Call Pao on 0804868465

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