Sunday 3 November 2019

Challenge Season 2019 Mid Season Update

Decked out in Yellow Chinese syle uniforms here are some regular Bangkok Pool Community supporters out enjoying themselves.

While we have all been having fun playing pool, the time has been flying with half the season now played.

Unusually the Round 9 results see midseason definite leaders not clear with an anybody's guess on who will emerge with all the comps all close.

This week has also been eventful with the Joy Chinese 8 Ball tournament now underway at Show DC. The pictures show no shortage of familiar talent for this to be another huge success.

The nuances of Joy Chinese 8 Ball rules has tested some of the leagues regular 8 ball players who have to learn new rules. Surprisingly as our Bangkok Community Rules are well understood by most players, so they are able to quickly adapt. 

For those interested we dusted off our rules quiz , added some wrinkles to test people and now republish it for everyone to have a go. 

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