Saturday 23 November 2019

Round 12 Challenge Season plus Frank Vaughan and Efren Reyes Feature

Frank Vaughan

Our feature Pin-up this week is Frank Vaughan. Frank has been playing in the Bangkok Pool Community Teams for many years. This year he chanced his arm with the Bangkok Heat team competing in the Asia Pool Challenge in Jakarta, And he starred.

Originally from Kansas City Missouri, as a kid, Frank told us he wanted to be a CIA agent. But he was shy to talk about being twice the winner of the Kansas City Junior Chess Champion. He says that was a long time ago.

Frank is no newcomer to the international scene with 13 years in business in Shanghai and representing Shanghai in the APC in 2017. Now retired in Thailand he is living his dream with his wife Khan.

News From Our major Sponsor 

I got this note from Joe Veriato. 
Hi Gordon, We are Bringing Efren Reyes to Bangkok next month. Follow this link for the detail

A Christmas Special with the 'magician' Efren Reyes In Bangkok December 2019 sponsored by Rhino Pool Tables.

The final tour of pool Legend “Efren Reyes” in An exhibition & challenge evening Live In Bangkok Come and meet the winner of over 70 international titles.

Reyes was the first player to win world championships in two different disciplines in Pool.

Efren will play 2 games of 8 Ball or 9 Ball with 30 challengers each night and will finish off with an exhibition match against Thailand's top-ranked players

All ticket purchasers invited to meet and have a photo with Efren.

Strictly limited to 30 players and 40 VIP guests on each night.

2 games & photo op 1000 baht
VIP seat & photo op 500 baht

Places only confirmed once paid

Ladder and Scores 

Here are the results for this week. They include one catchup match 


Have you booked your catchup match yet?

There are not many weeks left to go. The holiday break next month may be the ideal time

Next Round 

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