Saturday 16 November 2019

Round 11 Challenge Season Update

Next week Nov 28 will see Wassana and Mitch hosting their 18th Traditional Thanksgiving Party at Moonshine. 

I don't want to miss saying " When they were 17 it as a "VERY GOOD YEAR" because of we all like that song, the event and Moonshine family equally so.  

No-one misses this wonderful once a year event where it is impossible not to enjoy the fun of over-eating, and coming together.  

(Yes this link is Frank Sinatra)

Results for the week 


This week we had one more deferred match. Make sure they are played by round 17.  We really don't want teams being disqualified from winning a trophy because they have no played all their matches. 

Deferring does disrupt so to avoid that teams are expected to call for help if they need help. 

All teams have the same issue so we all try to help each other. That's a given. If you have exhausted all attempts and still have to defer, please give the others effected a heads up.  

Preparing for a match and arranging food and keeping track of 40 teams each week is not trivial. So please show respect your opponents, the hosting venues and the league if you are stuck. The rules are clear but enforcing them is not the goal. 

Here are all the deferred matches  - with played and arranged dates marked 

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