Friday 8 November 2019

Round 10 Challenge Season Update

If a 2 year old can do it it can't be that hard as long as someone shows him where to look. Do you know where we keep Bangkok Pool Community information and how you can get access?

Traditionally our website was built for a desktop with tabs across by subject. Blogger for our site frankly is a bit limited and yes Wordpress etc. might be better. 

But what we have is completely free and easy to use technically, so it works for us. Google docs is also free and we use that to store information on a free google drive 

All that means we have easy fit to native links to our all web pages. 

The best part is all that requires generic skill that most people have who use excel and word.

Here is how it all hangs together:

It is all ever so easy to collaborate with as all the documents can be shared and update live with any of the teams and across google products. eg. captains can update scores and byes and defer matches. They can also change their contact information without any one else having to get out of bed.

The desktop is still the best way to see things but who carries a laptop around any more. Blogger they way we use it does not allow extended page phone format. So we created one ourselves.

On your Phone if you go to, the first screen you see is a smartphone formatted version of our News page. Then go find the Phone Menu page and save that as a tile on your start page. 
From then on you have relevant resources in one friendly list.

Here is a copy of that together with a short explanation of what each item contains.

Phone Menu 
  1. News Updates Weblog with News Events and Ladder standings for the week 
  2. Facebook Page News Updates and Social Event and Sponsor Information 
  3. Fixtures Wall size layout of whole season fixture  
  4. Team Contacts Team Captains contact information - includes form to update
  5. Ladder Live Link to current Ladder with link to team Scores / Fixture
  6. Next Match   Fixture Extract showing the next round matches only 
  7. CERROS Scorers system - Host captains post Results BYE & deferred
  8. Rules Overview and comprehensive rules of play and etiquettes 
  9. Score Sheets Blank score sheets to be printed and used for matches
  10. Results by Round Round results for each team 
  11. Results by Team Team results for each round 
  12. Raw Scores Scores as posted (live via cerros) 
  13. Rules Quiz A fun way to check yourself on the rules in 3 minutes 
  14. Financial Status Checklist to see if your teams has paid the season subs
One annoying thing for some who don't read Thai is the Thai language on some Google forms? We have no control over that being as it is controlled by the local country default or your personal phone settings. To fix it check your google account settings and change to your desired language.

We never build Forms in any other than English language. Some of the Form buttons and Form prompts we don't create can be generated in Thai. They are native prompts being mostly advisory  so no big deal, e.g Choose, Next, Enter, etc but it is annoying if it not native for you.

We try to include ?hl=En at the end of the URL but that does not always work. Google may override it based on your gmail, chrome or iphone account settings. 

Ladder for Round 10

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