Friday 27 July 2018

KEGS World CUP - Group Stage Round 3 of 3

What an exciting conclusion to the groups stage this week as we get ready for the semi-finals next week.

Here are the KEGS World CUP - Group Stage Round 3 of 3 results with Cup Classes progress.
On right are final Group Stage results and Cup Class achieved by each Country/Team.
The  Knockout table on the left shows regrouped teams for Semi-Finals in each Cup Class in pairs order of both semi final matches to be played for each class. 
The numbering shows final Groug stage ranking of all paticipation, with each class arranged in pairs so highest ranked plays the lowest ranked in its class and 2nd ranked plays 3rd . e.g in the plate 5 plays 8 and 6 plays 7  

Round Scores
Here are the detailed scores for each round for each match showing the host team scores

Here are the Semi Final Matches for each Cup Class as now fixtured to be played 
All teams will play at a neutral venue shown. Host Venues will provide the normal refreshments and food and the forts named team will act as host for match c-ordination and Cerros scoring 

Good luck everyone for the knockout semi-finals, where everyone is in and everyone plays and all teams play in a neutral venue.


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